Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wrapping Up the Holidays

It seems to me that some countries celebrate more holidays than we do. We might spend a fortune and abundant time on the biggies, but there are dozens of other holidays throughout the year when we could be making merry. Holiday Smart has a pretty complete listing of all this year’s special days. Why not make it a challenge to observe as many happy days as possible?

When you choose one of the unusual holidays to celebrate, you can think about who or what the day honors. For instance, on Administrative Professionals Day, I know just the person I want to please. That person has worked as a secretary in good times and bad ones, and has always done a bang-up job. She is professional as well as friendly. She deserves a special treat.

Next Administrative Professionals Day (once called Secretary’s Day) is in April 2012. Next year, I plan to get my secretary friend the kind of bubble bath that is bottled up in a champagne-type bottle. Since it will fit right inside our Glamour Galore gift bags, I will dress it up in the Red version for her – her favorite color. Then, I can put in a gift card for her to her favorite bookstore.
Of course, there are the big holidays to contend with too.

People do not always share presents with each other on all of the big holidays, but it might be more enjoyable if they did. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years can be a triple dip of excitement and gift giving fun. These holidays all offer us the chance to share meals with our friends and family. When you are going somewhere for a meal, the nice thing to do is to bring wine, isn’t it? If you can bring fantastic champagne like Perrier Jouet, you can show your appreciation ten times over.

The Perrier Jouet is one of the bottles that we know fits well inside our Glamour Galore gift bags. That is great, because such superb champagne deserves the fabulous packaging it gets when presented in one of our gift bags. No matter what holidays go by, wrappings are a wonderful part of the charm of the occasion. Make sure you get a wrapping that covers your gift in style.

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