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By Jaime Martinetion
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I was introduced to a fabulous new product from Corky Kouture's "Glamour Galore Collection" just in time for my close friend's wedding celebrations! This product truly is a fun and new way to gift a bottle of wine, champagne, liquor, etc., alongside gift cards, money, etc. The packaging needs no further gift wrap: these are beautiful, silky and feathery bags perfect for Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, Wedding Party Gifts, Holiday Gifts - even Baby Gifts! The possibilities are endless: why you could even put bubble bath in one for a relaxation themed gift. Add a note, gift card, money, etc., to the attached adorable jeweled tote and your personalized gift is complete.
The white bag is perfect for my friend's upcoming wedding (I purchased a bottle of her favorite champagne and a gift card to a store she was registered at). Red can be perfect for Honeymoons or Valentine's Day (to the men out there: placing a little jewelry in the pouch wouldn't be too shabby an idea). There are just so many occasions and so many gift giving options - let your imagination run wild! Bags are available in red, white, pink and black. I've seen all of them in person and each is more spectacular than the next.
For more information or to make a purchase please visit

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  Corky Kouture on Good Day Sacramento!

CBS Good Day Sacramento 2013

Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!


Corky Kouture on Hear CEO Blog Nation

Q ~ Why did you start your business?

A ~ To give options for creative and beautiful gifts

I was inspired to develop the Corky Kouture brand because I was looking for a unique and surprising way to gift my very beautiful and glamorous friend her favorite bottle of champagne and a gift card to her favorite boutique in an all in one dazzling packaging system. She was hosting her 50th birthday bash and I wanted to wow her with my fabulous find that was unlike any other package she received. I looked online, in stores, boutiques, everywhere and could not find what I envisioned in my mind. While there were some nice things in the market, they just didn’t have the versatility I was looking for. So, I literally went home and just started sketching which led to finding a sewing contractor and within a couple of years the Corky Kouture brand was born. I created Corky Kouture so that one could gift it in or out of the box for use as a keepsake or a re-giftable. The box is customizable to reflect any event, occasion or theme. The bag holds beverages of all varieties such as champagne, wine, liquor, sparkling juices, or essentially anything round along with an attached crystallized gift holder that one can place gift cards, money, jewelry, baby’s first tooth, locket of hair, custom card or any other memento. I also wanted Corky Kouture to be hassle free and easy for anyone (including men) to present a beautifully “wrapped package” that anyone who received it would be excited by from the moment of presentation without ruining the packaging. I have many samples of various designs, sizes, themes, colors and extensions of the brand that I hope to bring out in the near future because with so many celebrations in life to attend and enjoy, one can never have enough ways to “wrap” a gift.
Thanks to Lisa Riedel, Corky Kouture

{Spotlight} Corky Kouture Premiere Wine and Champagne Bags

Beautiful Corky Kouture’s chic new gift bag is a present and a present holder all in one. It comes in 4 colors: white, black, red and pink. Includes attached gift card holder for gift cards, sweets, money or jewelry. Come with a presentation box illuminating gift wrapping. Bonus! Can be personalized. Visit Corky Kouture to get one for your favorite couple.

Corky Kouture in Indiana Chronicle ~ Your Indiana News Source Covering Indiana, U.S. & World News.

Mother's Day 2013 Gift Guide

Corky Kouture

PRICE:  $39.99
DESCRIPTION:  Corky Kouture™ luxurious, eye popping, show stopping presentation bags are designed to dazzle and delight even the most demanding Diva! Perfect for presenting a bottle of liquor, wine, champagne, or other favorite “bubbly” (including bubble bath or sparkling grape juice for your favorite little princess). Enclose a gift card, money, love note or piece of jewelry in the adorning jeweled pouch and you've just created a treasured keepsake.

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Corky Kouture is a fab, glam and dazzling way to present a bottle of wine,champagne, sparkling juice, gift cards, money, jewelry and more! Not a shy or timid brand, Corky Kouture screams fun, party, celebrate. Hassle free, no tape or scissors necessary, simply add in ones favorite goodies. The packaging is customizable or regiftable and Corky Kouture serves as beautiful decorative pieces as well. Corky Kouture creates the WOW, You just add in the WHAT!

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