Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Woot Woot!!! She is 21!

I know there are plenty of Diva’s out there.  I would almost bet you know one too!  They won’t leave the house without their makeup, not a hair out of place, and strutting an outfit to die for.  I know one young lady (Takesia) who recently turned 21 who happens to be the Webster Dictionary definition of “Diva”.  She even does mundane things such as dishes, cooking, and even laundry in heels.  Yes heels and no less then 4 inch ones at that!  Her reasoning behind the housework in heels is that housework is the one thing she doesn’t enjoy doing so if she is doing it in her heels it makes her feel better about doing it.  Whatever works for her!  ;-)

Needless to say, her girlfriends are just like her!  College girls with high ambitions in life that always like to be looking their best at almost any given moment.  Now mind you, they all work and go to college so their budget is limited.  However, there is one thing they refuse to compromise on, and that is their gifting of each other for their 21st birthday bashes.  In their college state (Illinois) the legal drinking age is 21.  So as each of their girlfriend crowd turns 21, they combine their funds and make a point to order a Glamour Galore Presentation Bag early for the birthday girl.  They choose color by that particular friends’ attitude.  They then purchase that particular 21st birthday girls favorite liquor or wine.  (Of course they are just guessing because of course they were not drinking before their 21st birthday. *wink wink*) 

Then with the combined funds left they get the birthday girl a gift card to her favorite clothing store to put in the Glamour Galore extra gift pouch.  (On a couple occasion it was jewelry as they knew their friend already had far too many clothes.)  Then, on the birthday girls’ special day, they present the gift to her as a group.  A big deal is made of it every time and the common statement heard from the girls who have yet reached their prime age of 21 is “I can’t wait till I get my Corky Kouture™.”            

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