Thursday, December 8, 2011

Customizing your Corky Kouture

There have been several mentions in past blogs about how you can customize your own Corky Kouture bottled gift bag and the Presentation Box that it comes in.  This blog will give you an up close view of how we 
customized the Corky Kouture we gifted Marie Osmond.  

In order to get a general idea of the components we will be discussing, I am giving you pictures of every item of the bag and presentation box that can be easily customized. 

Presentation Box

Footer and Ribbon

Top Flap of Presentation Box
(Picture is dark.. but you get the general idea.. :-)

Corky Kouture Bottled Gift Bag 

Zippered pouch 

Draw Ribbon on top of bag to secure bottled gift. 
(Above the gift pouch and below the feathers)

As you can see, there are many aspects of the Corky Kouture that you can customize to make your gift specific to your recipient to give it the ultimate WOW factor and create an unforgettable sentimental moment. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WINNERS Announcement of the "Win a FREE Corky Kouture for the Holidays"

We are thrilled to announce to everyone the WINNERS of the Corky Kouture Bottled Gift Bags!

There are 3 winners!!!

Before announcing the winners we would like to thank EVERYONE who participated!!
We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm!  

Now for our WINNERS!!!

Congratulations go to:
Charlotte from Charlotte's Avenue!   
Linda Kelley Lee from "I Can Only Try" and  "Honey's Place 1 in Vegas"
Finding Charm (Need name here..) from Featured Artists, Marketing Tips, Blog Tips, and Random Musings by Finding Charm.  

To claim your Corky Kouture Bottled gift bag please send a private message to Corky Kouture's Facebook here: with your name and mailing address.  :-)