Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Love is in the Air at Corky Kouture

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and how wonderful it would be if you created the perfect evening for your lover!  Well the Corky Kouture Team came up with 10 great evenings that you and your lover can have that can spice up even the hottest romance!
Don’t be expecting your typical card/flower/candy gifting ideas – think bigger and spicier – think of an evening you will never ever forget!  The night of a lifetime memory!  
Here are our top 10 ways you can tease, seduce, dare or excite your love this Valentine's Day.

1.      Turn your home in to a hot hostel and make a reservation for you and your love.  Have a sexy meal idea planned with the ingredients already in the frig.  Remember you are in a hostel so you have to share the kitchen with your love so cooking together could get messy – if you do it right that is.  Make sure you think of a meal that is rich in aphrodisiacs!  ;-)  Then top that meal off with a great wine gifted in a sexy Corky Kouture.  In the gift pouch, slip in some sexy I.O.U’s and get ready to bring the morning in having the time of your life fulfilling each one!  

2.      Roll the red carpet it out and get ready to put on a fashion show for your love – girls – get yourself two or three sexy lingerie outfits and get ready to strut your stuff for your partner.  Men – this is a great one for you!  Have your home ready for a Red Carpet show and gift your love a Corky Kouture filled with her favorite drink along with a nice selection of sexy lingerie you would love to see her model!  Don’t forget the runway music!

3.      Start your evening out innocent, like teenagers again sneaking out with your love.  Gift a nice bottle of your significant others favorite libation and end the evening in a fun game of Truth or Dare with a sexy twist.  Just make sure your kids don’t catch you! 

4.       While we are reminiscing of high school days, what about Lovers Lane?  Bring in the sunrise on Lover’s Lane with your love, favorite spirits, and a nice snack selection of cheeses and crackers.   Slip your favorite spirit into a Corky Kouture wine bag and get the picnic basket ready!  Don’t forget the blanket!

5.      Romantic dinner with a poetic twist!  Take your love out or prepare a romantic dinner in and gift her/him with their favorite drink in a Corky Kouture.  In the gift pouch place a romantic poem or song you wrote specifically for them.   It might even be proposal night!  Surprise her with the ring and a poem in the gift pouch! 

6.      Masseur for the night!  Turn your bedroom into a sexy massage parlor – sexy scented candles, silky linens, and a few sex toys doesn’t hurt and then get yourself an oil warmer and start exercising them hands.  Greet your love at the door with a CorkyKouture with a nice champagne ready to go inside, pop it, pour, and then get to disrobing – for the massage of course.  Have a nice thick fluffy robe for her or him to slip into and after a drink, direct your love to the bed and let the rubbing begin!

7.       Strip Poker baby all the way!  Oh yes baby!  Why not?  What a great way to bring extra spice in a relationship and a great way to take advantage of Valentine’s Day!  Pull down the shades before the fun begins. 

8.       Valentine and wine go together like Cupid and his arrow!   Go on a wine tasting adventure at a local winery or create one of your own in your home.  Just purchase several bottles of wine you have wanted to sample and don’t forget to get your Corky Kouture bottled gift bag!  When you find your favorite of the evening, the next day you can re-gift your Corky with your choice as a couple favorite vintage to another love couple, family member or friend. 

9.       Succulent Sensually Sweets!  Another sexy amazing idea is to create a succulent sweet dessert bar filled with exotic chocolates, whipped cream, berries, chocolate sundaes, and a chocolate fondue!   Keep in mind that calories do not count on Valentine’s Day!  After all you will be working them off!  ;-)  Gift your love a sweet red wine in a Corky Kouture bottled gift bag to have later and have the champagne on ice!

10.   Bring it back – way back to childhood days and build an amazing fort in your living room.  Make it big – you want plenty of room to tumble.  Spread out a blanket and prepare a picnic inside the fort and gift your lover their favorite bottled beverage in a sensuous Corky Kouture wine gifting bag.                  

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