Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hope for a Single Mom

October is Cancer Awareness Month yet it does not just rear its ugly head in October.  This devastating disease is with us every day and everywhere we look.  It empties bank accounts and takes lives and shows absolutely no remorse.  It has no real rhyme or reason and strikes at its own will.  It leaves a trail of despair and for those who are fighting the battle is in a fight for their lives.  When you have a strong support group it helps with the beating that Cancer delivers but if you are a single mom with a smaller support group, limited funds, and children you want to see grow into beautiful adults it can feel like you stand alone in the world fighting the battle against this inexorable monster.  But there is hope for a single mom. They do not have to stand alone.

Hope for a Single Mom is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping single working mothers in their battle against breast cancer.  Hope for a Single Mom was founded by Donna Sullivan, a Florida Brevard County resident.  Back in August 2010, Denise Moore, a single mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery on August 23rd.  She had to miss several months of work.  She received no income during that period and began to fall behind in her bills.  Thanks to Hope for a Single Mom she was able to keep her mortgage and car payment up to date and pay off some of her medical bills. 

Donna, the sister of Denise Moore, the first recipient of assistance from Hope For a Single Mom, was astounded when she saw firsthand how fast and messed up a person’s finances can be destroyed by a Cancer diagnosis. In hopes to help her sister and nephew during their trying times, Donna teamed up with the women of her Mary Kay unit selling lots of lipsticks and donating part of the profits to help Denise keep her home and her car.  Much like the Pay It Forward movement, Brevard County citizens caught wind of this and joined in to help Denise.  Banning together as a community, over $5000 was raised and given to Denise.  Denise said it was the most unbelievable feeling to know others cared so much to help her stay in her home.  She vowed to her sister to beat her cancer and pay it forward to another local single mom.

Every year since 2010, a single mother is selected with care by Donna, Denise and their friends at Breast Friends of Florida and shown the same supportive assistance as Denise did back in 2010. Breast Friends, a non-profit organization, is located in Brevard County and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for women with breast cancer and other woman related cancers.  Hope for a Single Mom has partnered with Breast Friends and keeps their focus on giving HOPE to our Single Moms here in Brevard.

To learn more about Hope for a Single Mom and to get involved, please visit:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tickled Pink! Fabulous, Fun, and Flirty!

Old custom states pink is for girls and blue is for boys and although there have been boring studies done, theories developed, and folklore telling us why women prefer pink over any other color and boys desire blue – the bottom line is, who really cares?  If you love yourself some pink – who cares why, right?!  Pink is FABULOUS and that is a good enough reason for me!

Pink is sweet, nice, romantic, playful, delicate, and associated with love and romance!  It is calming and soft!  Pink is sensual and sexy!  Pink is womanly as much as it can be girly!  But most of all, it is really hard not to smile at a person who wears pink.  A woman in pink emits an overall sweetness and kindness and did you know men are more likely to approach a woman in pink than any other color?  Why, because it gives off a caring sweet fun nature. 

So tell me, what is your favorite color and why?  How does it make you feel?  And if you love pink, please share me why!  I would love to know! 

Pictured above is Jessica who is passionate about PINK!  So for a fun way to surprise her, she received a PINK Corky Kouture with a PINK bottle of Sparkling Pink Moscato and $100 in the gift holder. She looks tickled "pink" …. Who else adores the color pink?  
Here are a few quotes from people I am sure you will know that also love the color pink along with some perfectly pink pictures just for fun!! 

“I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

“Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!” ~ Miley Cyrus

“I love pink, it's so girly!” ~ Ashley Tisdale

“I love pink - pink's my favorite. I hardly ever - weirdly - wear it, but I love the color pink.” ~ Ellie Goulding

“I can't see myself without pink lipstick. I can go without it for a couple days, but if there was no more pink lipstick in the world, I'd be useless. Seriously.” ~ Nicki Minaj

“I love to see other women in pink. It's good for every shade of skin and hair.” ~ Elizabeth Hurley

“I think I do my own thing. I start my own trends. I see a lot of girls doing what I've been doing. Pink. Nobody wore pink, and now everybody wears it. It's flattering.” ~ Paula Creamer

“I don't think I will ever get tired of wearing pink.” ~ Emma Bunton

“I grew up with all boys in my family, where there was no place for girlie stuff. But it's amazing to walk into my house now. Everything is pink!” ~ Jerry O'Connell

“I have as much pink as you can have. I love to see other women in pink. It's good for every shade of skin and hair.” ~ Evelyn Lauder

“I love the color pink. It makes a bold statement.” ~ Samuel Larsen

Okay to the rest of you fabulous ladies who also love pink – share your pinkness with us!  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Giving Back Through Team PINK

I am super excited to share with everyone a great non-profit charity called Team PINK.  Team PINK was born from two young ladies’ passion and desire to give back to the community as a whole.  Their goal is a simple one - to inspire individuals of all ages and all athletic abilities to have fun and kick butt while training and racing for a cause.   Jessica Crate and Emily Nelson are the founders of Team Pink.  I will share more about each of these fabulous women in a minute, but first, more about their amazing charity work.

Team PINK is a grassroots athletic philanthropy with the love for the color PINK. They are your typical girly girls but yet are not afraid of hard work, dedication, and come with huge athletic goals.   Jessica and Emily are on a mission – to get people up and moving – any and all ages and at any of athletic fitness. They know you do not need to be a super star athletic to make a difference when it comes to giving of oneself.   With hearts bigger than the U.S., Jessica and Emily don’t want anyone to ever give up on their dreams and want to help where they can to make some dreams a reality.  

Jessica shares, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it and just push yourself one step further. I like to tell people that I wasn't born fast or talented, I just absolutely refuse to quit which is also behind the motto of TEAM PINK - No matter what age, gender or talent level, you too can accomplish your goals!”
Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about giving and helping when I can.  Part of the reason I created and started the Corky Kouture® brand was to see people smile and feel special and I use it in many charitable manners.  I am passionate about lifting people up – not bringing them down or knocking them further down when they are already out.  Because of this I love to surround myself with likeminded individuals and Jessica and Emily are both champions not only in their athletic fields but also in my book.
We are runners, we are swimmers,
we are cyclists, we are professionals,
we are visionaries, we are leaders,
we are best friends, we are women
and we are ‪#‎teamPINK‬.
Together we INSPIRE,
GIVE BACK & Raise Awareness!
 — with Jessica Crate and Emily Nelson.

Jessica Crate, Elite Athlete, USAT Coach is known for being 9th Overall Female and Boston Marathon Qualifier at the 2009 Las Vegas Rock-N-Roll Marathon, Qualified and raced at ITU World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand and Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas in 2012.  

Jessica shares, “I am also committed to running all of my races to benefit a charity in 2013. I love giving back, coaching and encouraging others. A non-profit that I co-founded with a personal friend of mine is entitled Giving Athletics, Inc. Our goal is “inspiring social change through athletic participation.” A goal that also resonates with what TEAM PINK is all about and one that we look forward to instilling in other women, men, children and young adults across the country and around the world.”

Emily Nelson, Athlete, is known for her Surf Coast Trifecta Age Group Series Championship win 2011, 2nd Overall Female Cocoa Beach Triathlon 2012, 9th Place Age Group Ironman St. Croix 70.3 2012, 3rd Overall Female Jacksonville Tri Series #1 2013. 

Emily shares, “We have all dealt with our own obstacles but we can never let them knock us down. Jessica and I, coming together as Team PINK, we’re strong than ever. We hope to serve as role models in the community & be an inspiration to others. I want people to see us and think if they can do it, I can too!”

Let’s all help support these two amazing young ladies in their efforts to inspire and encourage others through athletic participation, give back to the community, and to promote and raise awareness for local charities. 
You can connect with Team Pink on Facebook here:  Team PINK

And visit their website here to see what these fabulous ladies are up to next!  Team PINK Website

Friday, June 14, 2013

Why the Feather Boa Remains A Fashion Mainstay

Feather boas are fun, flirty, and feel good accessories no one should be without. I’ve seen everyone from celebrities to friends wearing them over the years and they have not waned in popularity. This accessory takes fashion to a whole new level, adding character to any look. They are available in an array of colors which makes them and their wearer even more alluring.

I've often associated feather boas with various periods, but they’re still very much alive and well among many wearers of today. Whether you’re going to a party, out on the town, or just want an accessory to express your individuality, a feather boa is the perfect choice for any occasion and one of the main reasons I incorporated them into the Corky Kouture™ Bottled Gift bag collection.

Feather boas are documented as being worn since at least 1820, but are thought to go back even farther. While feather boas are often considered elegant, they are also quite sexy both in the way they look and make one feel.

Feather boas have lasted through many eras to include the Victorian and Edwardian. They were also quite popular accessories during the Roaring ‘20's, and made a comeback in the 1970's with the advent of glam rock and disco. The late 1990's and early 2000's saw a resurgence of the feather boa and it continues to be a chosen accessory item today.

Over the years, a number of entertainers have incorporated the use of feather boas into their acts. Some notable names you may remember include: dancer Isadora Duncan, singer Diana Ross, singer Marc Bolan from the glam rock band T.Rex, singers Cher and Elton John, and wrestler Hulk Hogan. Numerous other cabaret and opera singers have also adorned themselves with these fun fashion pieces. So what has made the feather boa such a popular accessory through the generations?  Most likely, because they make a statement – a bold entrance and get one noticed.

I have found the feather boas to be the perfect glam accent to our fabulous Corky Kouture™ bottled gift bags.  They add to the statement that the gift bags stand for - individual, unique, fashionable, playful, glamorous, and simply fabulous!  They’re the perfect glam gift for any occasion, whether you’re giving it to a friend or yourself, for weddings, birthdays, engagements, house warming’s, dinner parties – the gifting options are unlimited! They’ll add the flare that will be sure to get everyone talking just like a gorgeous feather boa.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Get Engaged on Valentines Day

Surprise your loved one this February 14th with a ring! You know you want to ask the man of your dreams or woman of your dreams to marry you. Why wait? Getting engaged on Valentines Day is the perfect time.

You can buy a bottle of your favorite wine the two of you enjoy. Instantly turn the wine gift into a spectacular gift when you place it inside one of the Corky Kouture™ wine giftbags. Choose a sexy red wine bag, a stunning pink wine bag, a sophisticated black wine bag or a sharp white wine bag. The fancy bottle gift bags come with a zippered pouch. Inside of the pouch may be the perfect place to put the engagement ring for your loved one. This year make Valentines Day gift giving a magnificent celebration!

Choose the setting where you want to ask him or her to marry you. You may want to take your loved one to your favorite restaurants. Make sure you call to make reservations ahead of time as Valentines Day is a busy day of the year. While the two of you are enjoying each other’s company, and the time feels right, bring out your wonderful gift.

If the person you are about to propose to is an adventure enthusiast, plan a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, bungee jumping or another thrilling outing. After all of the excitement is over with, sit down and propose to him or her and watch the adrenaline kick back in!

If you live in a warm area you may set up a picnic after horseback riding. Imagine the two of you slowly riding horses though the beautiful countryside. As your appetites awaken, bring out the picnic basket and blanket. Enjoy the day together. Pop open a bottle of wine and share with your loved one how much he or she truly means to you.

Take your honey to the city for a day of shopping and lunch. Surprise your loved one with a ride on a carriage. The carriage is the perfect place to ask your significant other to marry you.

Getting engaged on Valentines Day, celebrating the way the two of you like to along with your great gift of a bottle of wine, a fancy wine bag by Corky Kouture™ along with an engagement ring will make a lifelong cherished engagement story to share with your family and friends.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentines Day Gifting: Show You Care

Skip the boring chocolates and flowers this Valentines Day. People expect to get the same old same old every year. Make this Valentines Day gifting extra special. You can create a more meaningful gift when you make your own card and slip it into the adorned zippered pouch of a upscale Corky Kouture bottled gift bag with a fine wine nestled inside.  You do not have to be a scrap booking enthusiast to make a card. Look online how to make a simple Valentines Day card. You may decide to take a piece of red construction paper and glue a photo of the two of you on the front. If you do not like your handwriting, use your computer to type Happy Valentines Day. On the inside use the computer to type out your thoughts, feelings and/or a poem to your loved one. Use a glue stick to paste the poem or written thoughts inside of the handmade card. The fact that you took the time to create something with your own hands will impress your loved one.

Along with the lovely card you created, purchase a bottle of wine. Get the wine your significant other likes or a bottle the two of you enjoy sipping together. There is no need to wrap the wine bottle as you can purchase a stunning Corky Kouture™ fancy winebag to place the wine in. The wine bag is absolutely gorgeous and makes any gift appear lavish. If you want to purchase jewelry, a gift card or another small item you can place it inside of the clever zippered pouch. 

If you are getting cabin fever plan ahead to spend Valentines Day at a hotel. Splurge and get a hotel room with a hot tub. The two of you will wash away your cares and stress in the hot tub while sipping the wine you gave as a gift to your sweetheart earlier. This one night focusing on the two of you can rejuvenate your relationship in no time.

Spending quality time together is a must to keep your relationship thriving. Small or large gifts show the other person you care. Buy your sweetheart a candy bar when you go to the store when it is not on the list. Your significant other will know that you are thinking of him or her when the two of you are apart. Treat your spouse or significant other to a larger gift such as the wine inside one of the CorkyKouture™ fancy bottle gift bags and a hotel room for the night. Valentines Day gifting is made special when you spend time together and take the time to buy a special gift for your significant other. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Romantic Valentine’s Gift

Newlyweds, you can continue your honeymoon with a lovely gift for Valentines Day. Plan a romantic date. You do not have to spend a lot of money to celebrate February 14th. What is something the two of you love doing together? When was the last time the two of you shared being together and doing it? Whether you enjoy playing cards, taking hikes, watching a movie at home or another inexpensive date, plan ahead. Give your spouse a bottle of wine, liquor, sparkling wine or wine perfectly wrapped in one of the Corky Kouture™ fancy bottled gift bags. You can even put a few pieces of wrapped chocolate inside of the zippered pouch.

You can still have a romantic evening together even if you have young children. Plan at least one month ahead if you need a babysitter. Every other parent is going to be calling for a sitter on this special evening. If you are lucky, maybe your parents baby-sit your children. Perhaps your parents could take your children for the entire night and you can pick them up in the morning. Surely your parents will understand the need for the two of you to have some alone time. Plus, grandparents love being with their grandkids! It is a win-win situation all around.

Ladies, have you been married for many years? If so, rekindle the love in your relationship with a romantic Valentine’s gift. At times we all take each other for granted so make sure you make your spouse feel needed, loved and important in your life. The perfect gift is to share time together. Give your beloved a bottle of wine or champagne all decked out in a Corky Kouture™ fancy wine bag. Make sure you prepare ahead and wear a sexy dress or lingerie. Sit in your living room with the lights down low. Turn on your stereo so that soft jazz music is playing. Light a few candles and/or start your fireplace to compliment the mood. Relax, talk and sip your wine while looking into each other’s eyes. Simply take pleasure in each other.

Valentines Day is the perfect time to spoil your loved one. Spoil him or her with your time sharing a bottle of wine or other beverage. Make the gift of wine extravagant when you use one of the upscale bottled gift bags from Corky Kouture™. Take a photo of the two of you sometime during the evening to capture your special Valentines Day moment.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

This Valentines Day surprise your friends with a Valentines Day gift. Think of all of the times your best friends have been there for you. Now is the perfect time to tell them thank you. With a favorite bottle of wine, a Corky Kouture™ bottled gift bag and a small handmade card to slip inside of the handy gift bag zippered pouch.

Your friends will know how much they mean to you. You will love seeing the surprise look on their faces. Perhaps that evening you and your friends can get together at one of your homes and enjoy the bottle of wine together. Who needs a date? You and your best friends can share laughs, memories and the usual fun you have together.

If you are married you can surprise your significant other with a bottle of champagne ingeniously placed inside of a Corky Kouture™ bottled gift bag. Slip a gift card for a massage for two inside of the gift bag zippered pouch. You will definitely score points with this Valentines Day thoughtful gift!

Valentines Day gift giving is not just for lovers. If you are a boss and appreciate your employees make sure you show them. When you give a gift to an employee you are showing them how much you care and appreciate the hard work they do for you. Little things do mean a lot when it comes to the workplace. Give a bottle of wine or sparkling wine to your top performing employees. Place the bottle inside of one of the fancy bottle gift bags from Corky Kouture™.

Don’t forget your parents this February 14th. Surprise your parents with a romantic dinner. Bring over a home cooked meal along with candles and a bottle of wine in one of the upscale bottle gift bags available. You may decide to select a red, black, pink or white wine gift bag. Red may be the perfect selection since it is the holiday of love. When your parents see this lovely gesture do not be surprised if your mother becomes teary. Your parents will enjoy the romantic dinner and bottle of wine together. The memories you have created will last a lifetime.

This year make this Valentines Day special for the loved ones in your life when you surprise them with a bottle of wine, champagne or sparkling wine inside of a stunning CorkyKouture™ bottled gift bag

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Graced by Joyce Giraud

Corky Kouture™ had the great honor of interviewing Joyce Giraud, an actress and model, a two time Miss Puerto Rico winner and the 2nd runner up in the 1998 Miss Universe pageant. She is also known for representing Puerto Rico at Miss World 1994, and for her roles in in episodes of Baywatch; in the film Dude, Where's My Car?; and in the TV shows House of Payne and Joey. Joyce’s latest undertaking is the founding Queen Universe Pageant that will take place on January 27th in Los Angeles.

Joyce Giraud obtained two Bachelor of Arts degrees before the age of 19 as well as one in Special Education.  Her love of children led her to work with the less fortunate children and residential homes in Puerto Rico. 

Joyce later married Michael Ohoven, a Film Producer and Founder/CEO of Infinity Media.  Joyce and Michael have two beautiful children. 

We wanted to know more about Joyce Giraud – what motivates her and her thoughts about the beauty industry.  We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did giving it. 

CK:  At what age did you begin competing in pageants?

Joyce Giraud:  I started competing in pageants when I was 19

CK:  What do you feel is the most important quality for a pageant competitor to possess?

Joyce Giraud:  In my opinion the most important quality for a pageant competitor to have is self-confidence.  If you are self-confident and secure it simply projects and in order to be self-confident you have to be your true self.

CK: What are some of the major issues you feel girls and women face today when competing in pageants?  Thoughts on over the top Pageant Mom’s.

Joyce Giraud:  I think now days the one thing I really hate about pageants is when some girls enter for the wrong reasons.  I believe a pageant is an amazing platform that gives you a voice and if you use it correctly and are selfless about it you can truly make an impact and help the charities of your choice. 

About the stage pageant moms, I really hate it! I’m not saying little girls can’t participate in beauty pageants but it should ONLY be because it’s something they really want to do not because they have a mom that wants to live through them. I’m a mother of two and I would never force my babies to do something they didn’t want to do.

CK:  Has your perspective on pageants changed over the years and if so how?

Joyce Giraud:   My perspective of pageants has changed over the years and that is exactly the reason why I created Queen of the Universe.  I think pageants need to have the credibility they used to have before.

CK:  How do you feel your modeling and acting career has shaped you?

Joyce Giraud:   My modeling career was something that just happened. I was scouted by a photographer while I was working in Kentucky Fried Chicken so I could pay for my university studies.  Modeling was great because I found it quite easy to just stand in front of a camera and make enough money to pay for school.  It also gave me the opportunity to travel the world.

CK:  How have you been able to use your education in your current career?

Joyce Giraud:   I have two BA's One in Social Work and one in Special Education. I feel it my education shaped me and I feel I am able to use it almost on a daily basis. Social Work helps you deal with people and understand human beings.  We are all the same... just different shapes, colors, and sizes, but still the same.

CK:  What inspired you to create the Queen Universe Pageant?

Joyce Giraud:  I have been dreaming of creating a pageant that gives women the opportunity to represent their countries, be ambassadors of women, have a voice to help their charities and use their titles to further their careers and goals in life while not being judged for being married, single, or having children.  That’s how Queen of the Universe was born and each day I thank God for my amazing group of Queens. They are exactly what I dreamed!

CK:  What is the most valuable lesson you've learned while putting the pageant together?

Joyce Giraud:   While putting the pageant together, I would say the most valuable lesson I learned is something I learn each day – PATIENCE - Patience is the key to success and perseverance leads you to make your dreams a reality.

CK:  What advice would you give up and coming pageant competitors?

Joyce Giraud:   For any up and coming pageant competitors I would tell them that even though it sounds cliché, the best thing is to simply be yourself.  When you are simply you, everybody will love you because people can tell when someone is fake and just trying to impress a crowd.

For Fun Questions:

CK:  What is the one thing every girl should own?

Joyce Giraud:   The one thing every girl should own is a pair of mile high stilettos! They make you feel beautiful no matter what you are wearing :-)

CK:  Your favorite designer?

Joyce Giraud:   My favorite main stream designer is Roberto Cavalli but MY FAVORITE DESIGNER IN THE WORLD is my amazing friend David Antonio who has made my dress for every major moment of my life. He made my graduation dress, my Miss Puerto Rico dress, my Miss Universe dress, my Miss Venus dress, my Queen of the Atlantics dress, my dress I word when my husband was nominated to the Oscars, and my favorite of them all, MY WEDDING DRESS!!

CK:  Most fun modeling job you ever did and why?

Joyce Giraud:   The most fun modeling job I ever did was for a client who took us (two models) to shoot in the Caribbean on a cruise. We had the time of our life :-) I will always remember that shoot.   The worst was for a client that flew me to London to model bikinis in the snow!  I was miserable because I hate the cold!

CK:  If you could model for anyone you haven’t already modeled for, who would it be and why?

Joyce Giraud:  If I could model for anyone it would be for Channel because I’m just in love with the brand and everything in the collection.

Make sure to check out the Queen of the Universe Pageant!  Get to know Joyce more and follow her on Twiter at Joyce Giraud on Twitter and on Facebook at  Queen of the Universe and Joyce Giraud!