Monday, August 5, 2013

Giving Back Through Team PINK

I am super excited to share with everyone a great non-profit charity called Team PINK.  Team PINK was born from two young ladies’ passion and desire to give back to the community as a whole.  Their goal is a simple one - to inspire individuals of all ages and all athletic abilities to have fun and kick butt while training and racing for a cause.   Jessica Crate and Emily Nelson are the founders of Team Pink.  I will share more about each of these fabulous women in a minute, but first, more about their amazing charity work.

Team PINK is a grassroots athletic philanthropy with the love for the color PINK. They are your typical girly girls but yet are not afraid of hard work, dedication, and come with huge athletic goals.   Jessica and Emily are on a mission – to get people up and moving – any and all ages and at any of athletic fitness. They know you do not need to be a super star athletic to make a difference when it comes to giving of oneself.   With hearts bigger than the U.S., Jessica and Emily don’t want anyone to ever give up on their dreams and want to help where they can to make some dreams a reality.  

Jessica shares, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it and just push yourself one step further. I like to tell people that I wasn't born fast or talented, I just absolutely refuse to quit which is also behind the motto of TEAM PINK - No matter what age, gender or talent level, you too can accomplish your goals!”
Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about giving and helping when I can.  Part of the reason I created and started the Corky Kouture® brand was to see people smile and feel special and I use it in many charitable manners.  I am passionate about lifting people up – not bringing them down or knocking them further down when they are already out.  Because of this I love to surround myself with likeminded individuals and Jessica and Emily are both champions not only in their athletic fields but also in my book.
We are runners, we are swimmers,
we are cyclists, we are professionals,
we are visionaries, we are leaders,
we are best friends, we are women
and we are ‪#‎teamPINK‬.
Together we INSPIRE,
GIVE BACK & Raise Awareness!
 — with Jessica Crate and Emily Nelson.

Jessica Crate, Elite Athlete, USAT Coach is known for being 9th Overall Female and Boston Marathon Qualifier at the 2009 Las Vegas Rock-N-Roll Marathon, Qualified and raced at ITU World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand and Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas in 2012.  

Jessica shares, “I am also committed to running all of my races to benefit a charity in 2013. I love giving back, coaching and encouraging others. A non-profit that I co-founded with a personal friend of mine is entitled Giving Athletics, Inc. Our goal is “inspiring social change through athletic participation.” A goal that also resonates with what TEAM PINK is all about and one that we look forward to instilling in other women, men, children and young adults across the country and around the world.”

Emily Nelson, Athlete, is known for her Surf Coast Trifecta Age Group Series Championship win 2011, 2nd Overall Female Cocoa Beach Triathlon 2012, 9th Place Age Group Ironman St. Croix 70.3 2012, 3rd Overall Female Jacksonville Tri Series #1 2013. 

Emily shares, “We have all dealt with our own obstacles but we can never let them knock us down. Jessica and I, coming together as Team PINK, we’re strong than ever. We hope to serve as role models in the community & be an inspiration to others. I want people to see us and think if they can do it, I can too!”

Let’s all help support these two amazing young ladies in their efforts to inspire and encourage others through athletic participation, give back to the community, and to promote and raise awareness for local charities. 
You can connect with Team Pink on Facebook here:  Team PINK

And visit their website here to see what these fabulous ladies are up to next!  Team PINK Website