Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bootzwalla Meets Glamour Galore at Bryant Park

If you have ever watched Project Runway on Lifetime you have heard of Bryant Park where all the new designers are fighting for their chance to show on Bryant Park during NYC Fashion week!  It is a pretty big deal and most designers dream of getting their chance to strut their stuff at Bryant Park.  Do you watch it?
 Who is your favorite designer currently? How about past shows?  I have quiet a few from previous Project Runway series and many that made their name on their own.  For example.. Bootzwalla!  Bootzwalla made not have strutted the runways with Project Runway but they will still be strutting during NYC Fashion Week!
Bootzwalla is going to be strutting their stuff in just a few short days (September 13) at Bryant Park in kind for a great cause!
Bootzwalla, if you don't already know designs HOT HOT HOT!!! leather accessories and more that sets off many fashion designers wear.  

Now tell me that isn’t HOT!!!
Because we love some Bootzwalla and we appreciate the cause they are helping (Women's equality rights) we shipped out some of our Glamour Galore presentation bags (6 of each color) to them to help them with their event.  We are excited beyond belief that our Glamour Bags will be making an appearance at Bryant Park and cannot wait to see how the Bootzwalla Event will incorporate them into their event!  

Stay tuned!  Hopefully we will get lots of pictures from our friends at Bootzwalla of their event so we can share them with you here!  

Who is your favorite designer? Have you ever been to any of the showings at Bryant Park? If so, what was it like?  I would love to go myself but thrilled our Glamour Galore Bags will be there! 

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  1. Super hot and way cool that your gorgeous bags will be right there among all that high fashion and talent! :-)

  2. WOW!! Beautiful photos!! Those girls are HOT and so is the Bootzwalla brand..very sexy! Wonder if they will send you some photos of your brand at their show?