Monday, February 4, 2013

Get Engaged on Valentines Day

Surprise your loved one this February 14th with a ring! You know you want to ask the man of your dreams or woman of your dreams to marry you. Why wait? Getting engaged on Valentines Day is the perfect time.

You can buy a bottle of your favorite wine the two of you enjoy. Instantly turn the wine gift into a spectacular gift when you place it inside one of the Corky Kouture™ wine giftbags. Choose a sexy red wine bag, a stunning pink wine bag, a sophisticated black wine bag or a sharp white wine bag. The fancy bottle gift bags come with a zippered pouch. Inside of the pouch may be the perfect place to put the engagement ring for your loved one. This year make Valentines Day gift giving a magnificent celebration!

Choose the setting where you want to ask him or her to marry you. You may want to take your loved one to your favorite restaurants. Make sure you call to make reservations ahead of time as Valentines Day is a busy day of the year. While the two of you are enjoying each other’s company, and the time feels right, bring out your wonderful gift.

If the person you are about to propose to is an adventure enthusiast, plan a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, bungee jumping or another thrilling outing. After all of the excitement is over with, sit down and propose to him or her and watch the adrenaline kick back in!

If you live in a warm area you may set up a picnic after horseback riding. Imagine the two of you slowly riding horses though the beautiful countryside. As your appetites awaken, bring out the picnic basket and blanket. Enjoy the day together. Pop open a bottle of wine and share with your loved one how much he or she truly means to you.

Take your honey to the city for a day of shopping and lunch. Surprise your loved one with a ride on a carriage. The carriage is the perfect place to ask your significant other to marry you.

Getting engaged on Valentines Day, celebrating the way the two of you like to along with your great gift of a bottle of wine, a fancy wine bag by Corky Kouture™ along with an engagement ring will make a lifelong cherished engagement story to share with your family and friends.