Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dinner Parties to Die For!

So you have to give a dinner party for business guests. What do you do? If you are like many people, you fret and worry over the best way to entertain them. After all, it is often extremely important to make a good impression. Whether you are entertaining business associates from out of town or a group of employees, you want to come off in the best possible light.

I like to go to an online source like Food and Wine Magazine for elegant dinner ideas. Gourmet food is fantastic, especially if it is not too difficult to prepare. I look for recipes that do not have too long a list of ingredients and can be explained in a short paragraph. That way, I can serve something amazing and still have time to decorate and get myself ready too.

I keep the decorations low-key for business dinner parties, unless they are for holidays. Most of the time, I try for understated sophistication. In both the decorations for my home and in the clothes I wear, I try to make everything look up to date. At the same time, I try to avoid decorations or dress that is too wild or bizarre.

The mood should be fun, but also respectful. So, you would not want to wear your best crop top, but you might like to wear your best cashmere sweater or lace-trimmed blouse. You might not want streamers flapping from the chandeliers, but you might want to decorate the table with fine linens, a gorgeous centerpiece and beautiful stemware.


Wine, by the way, is almost an essential at great dinner parties. Break out a bottle of Peter Braum Gold Sparkler Sparkling Wine and watch the surprise and delight on the faces of your guests as they notice the 24-carat gold sparklers in the glass. They will be even more amazed and happy if you send them a bottle home for themselves.

The Peter Braum Gold Sparkler Sparkling Wine is a perfect fit for our gift bags too! The Glamour Galore packaging wraps around this bottle snugly for the perfect presentation of your generous gift. Guests remember these gestures long after dinner parties are over. They will go away with a good feeling about you.

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