Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Really Please on Mother in Law’s Day

Did you know there is a special day set aside for Mother in Laws? I did not know that until just recently. Similar to Mother's Day, this observance was started in 2002 to celebrate those special In-Laws!  It takes place on the fourth Sunday of every October – this time on the 23rd of October, 2011. I am sure there are a lot of daughter in laws, son in laws, and even mother in laws who would like to celebrate this day if only they knew about it. Well, this is my announcement to the world that the day for honoring the woman who brought your loved one into the world is right around the corner!

Mother in laws get a bad rap, but that is usually a mistaken notion. People who appreciate their mother in laws often get a wonderful gift of understanding, support and companionship that they could not get anywhere else. What better time than Mother in Law’s Day to thank her for her contributions to your life?

Many people think that mother in laws are hard to please. Just remember that a mother in law is a woman like any other. She will like what other women like too. The best thing you can do to please your mother in law on her special day is to pamper her. Take your mother in law to a spa for a day of relaxation!

If your mother in law has never been to a spa before, explain what will happen. Find a brief overview of massage for her to read. If she is interested in aromatherapy, direct her to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy for information on the different choices.

Your mother in law may be surprised that you thought of her outside of her role as your spouse’s parent. While she is unwinding to the gentle music and the wonderful aromatherapy of the spa, remind her that you are happy she came into your life. When she comes out of the treatment room from her massage, greet her with a smile and a gift.

One of the best gifts for the Mother in Law’s Day occasion is a bottle of wine wrapped up in one of our Corky Kouture Glamour bags. If your mother in law does not like to drink wine or liquor, there is no need to offend her. Just slip in a bottle of luxurious foaming bubble bath. You can add a piece of jewelry and a gift card into the attached pouch to make it even more special.

Mother in laws usually wants what is best for their children. Most of the time, they realize that the happiness of a child’s spouse contributes to that. Mother in laws deserves a little happiness of their own as well. This fourth Sunday in October, put in the effort and imagination to show her your appreciation.

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