Monday, October 6, 2014

Sweet Inspirations for the Girls at Jefferson Davis Middle School

Marelyn Elwood owner and operator of Sweet Inspiration by M.E. has joined in with us in the Classy Lady Project going on at the Jefferson Davis Middle School with Jessica Saracino.  The idea behind the project is to give young girls some extra motivation to be the best they can be.  At the end of each quarter one girl who has proven to put her best foot forward in both academic and social responsibility a Corky Kouture Bottled Gift bag filled with a of Sparkling Juice and a Visa gift card for $50.00 will be rewarded to her.  AND now Marelyn Elwood is adding to the reward gift by also presenting the quarterly winner with a dozen specially designed cupcakes just for the project.

Sweet Inspiration by M.E. has been in operation since 2011.   When Marelyn was 48 she decided she wanted to create sweet, delicious, and beautiful cakes.  Marelyn shared “I've been an artist most of my life, a licenses cosmetologist and sculptor. So basically cake baking and decorating is another way of expression, but a divine one!”

Marelyn went on to tell us just how Sweet Inspirations by M.E. all began:  “It all started with a dream. My cakes till that dream were basically not great, then had a dream that I made a cake. The recipe and how to do it was in the dream. The next day I decided to make the dream cake and that's how it got started. After that dreams were coming just about every other night, I was making more cakes than I could eat! Then one thing led to another and here I am. I know it was a calling from the good lord. This is what he wanted me to do.  I have been able to donate my time and talents now for many and also make a living at it.”

Here is a photo of my first cake. The one in my dream.

We asked Marelyn what are her favorite types of cakes/desserts to make?  Her response “It's funny; I don't eat cake or icing all that much, but if I had to pick it would be vanilla cake with fresh pineapple filling and almond icing.”

Marelyn loves donating her time to a great cause. “If I can put a smile on someone's face through sweets, then I know god is happy because it's what he wanted me to do!” stated Marelyn Elwood.  This is what prompted her to want to be involved with the Classy Lady Project.

Marelyn plans to make a special cupcake for the winner (pictured above) and I would love to continue to participate as long as I can.

Stay with us here to follow along on the progress of the Classy Lady Project.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Corky Kouture Hits the Halls of Jefferson Davis Middle School

Corky Kouture has found a way to make it back to the school!  Yep, in all its age and glory Corky is going to be walking the school halls again – and you know Corky knows how to dress for the occasion!

Corky Kouture Glamour Galore Collection is pleased to be part of Jessica Saracino’s back to school incentive project – Classy Lady - in a Title 1 Middle School where 100% of the students are on the free or reduced lunch program.   As the middle school girls start to walk the halls at Jefferson Davis Middle School on August 18 they are going to have a great reason to want to partake in their daily studies and school spirit.  Jefferson Davis Middle School educates students come from low income household.  Many of the students who attend are not invested in school because there is no push for education from home or little support.  Many are from a single parent home.  Those students often find themselves left to their own accord when it comes to their studies and are often times aiding in the care for younger siblings where their homework takes a back seat. 

Jessica Saracino and the founder of Corky Kouture Lisa Riedel came up with this project to encourage students to put effort and pride into their school work.   Jessica shared “We also want to encourage the girls to strive to be classy young women and discourage bad conduct. Unfortunately a lot of girl on girl drama and fighting is a big problem in our school and is a main disciplinary concern.” 

In an effort to encourage our young women to be all that they can be, Lisa will be gifting one student every quarter (nine weeks) a gorgeous Corky Kouture Bottle Gift Bag with a of Sparkling Juice and a Visa gift card for $50.00 to reward the young lady for good behavior both personally and scholastically. 

Jessica teaches a reading class at Jefferson Davis Middle School and will be challenging her female students to meet the following qualifications to be eligible for the grand prize of the Corky Kouture package at the end of each quarter (nine weeks):
1. Maintain academic excellence with A/B honor roll in all classes
2. No referrals within the quarter
3. Show kindness to others (this can be by helping me or helping fellow classmates with various tasks)
4. Showing leadership (helping with a club/sport or taking on a leadership role within the classroom/school)

Jessica will be monitoring eligible students not only within her classroom, but asking their other teachers about their behavior as well. She will then select one girl each quarter that she feels best meets the qualifications and awarding her the prize during class. There will be a mini awards ceremony/celebration in the classroom at the end of each quarter honoring the young lady and encouraging the rest to jump on board for their chance to also receive the reward.

Lisa likes to utilize Corky Kouture to empower, reward, and make others feel good!  The
bags themselves make a person feel special with all their glitz and glam – it’s hard to not smile and be happy when gifted a CK.  When the quarterly winner opens the gift box and pulls their CK out to find their bottle of sparkling juice and then in the CK gift pouch a $50.00 gift card they are sure to be ecstatic.  It is like a gift that just keeps on gifting.  We will continue to update you on how this project progresses and if you feel so inclined to add another incentive to the CK incentive package please contact us via email, Facebook message or leave a comment below and we will happily contact you.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What Does Joyce Giraud and Corky Kouture Have in Common?

Corky Kouture recently had some major excitement when they sponsored and attended the Queen of the Universe Pageant On March 16th at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills Los Angeles, California.  Lisa Riedel, owner of Corky Kouture, gifted the top ten winners, judges, and hosts with a Corky Kouture Gift Bag.   This is the second year in a row that CK has sponsored this event but the first year for Lisa to attend it in person!  I thought it would be fun to hear what it was like behind the scenes at such an event with so many reality stars present!  So, I asked Lisa if she would mind answering a few questions about her time there and share some pics with us (Everyone knows I am a Realty TV Freak!).  She was very generous and agreed.  

Read the full interview below: 

Lisa Riedel:  Well, let me first explain how I became aware of the Queen of the Universe Pageant and I how I became acquainted with Joyce Giraud de Ohoven. We found out about the event through a contestant last year that was looking for financial sponsors.  We wanted to make sure it was a legitimate event so I did the research and was very impressed with the owner (Joyce) and her  cause which is charity based with all proceeds benefiting UNESCO is the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organization. I decided to contact them to see if they would be interested in having Corky Kouture as a product sponsor; without telling them that we were also a contestant sponsor as I didn't want to mix the two.  I wanted Corky Kouture to be chosen on its own merits.  I heard from Joyce herself and that’s how it happened.  We didn't attend last year but were able to this year and I am so glad because it really is a very glamorous and exciting event.  Joyce Giraud has created something very special and I am really proud of involving the Corky Kouture brand in The Queen of the Universe Pageant.

Me:  Okay, not many of us get to have an experience like you have had attending the Universe Pageant so please, tell us WHAT WAS IT LIKE???  Was it full of the glitz and glamour that we sitting at home imagine it to be like? 

Lisa Riedel:  YES!  It was very glamorous with beautiful people, clothes, and paparazzi - the whole enchilada. It was exactly what I envisioned and what others would imagine.  Everywhere you looked there was someone you would recognize as well as designers who created some of the women's dresses at the event. I was very excited to attend.

Queen of the Universe International Beauty Pageant at The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills Featuring: Ariel Diane King, Joyce Giraud Where: Beverly Hills, California, United States When: 16 Mar 2014 Credit: FayesVision/
Me:   I bet CK was a smashing hit with the judges and the winner!  Did you have a favorite to win? 

Lisa Riedel:  I felt all the girls were great and I didn't have a particular favorite per say.  I applaud each of them for having the courage and ambition to try. And what an experience for them!  I will say Miss USA (Ariel Diane the winner) was very graceful, poised and had great answers to the questions asked of her so she certainly was deserving of the Title. Not to mention she is just beautiful.  And let me tell you, the prizes were incredible!!  WOW!  Prizes consisted of money, jewelry, clothing, shoes, classes, spa services, roses from the Ultimate Rose, Corky Kouture; the list seemed endless!!  You don't see all the prizes and the total values up there on the sponsors’ page but it is incredible!!!  It really is a first class operation.

Me:  Okay, honest - is Joyce as gorgeous in person as she is on the TV screen? 

Lisa Riedel:  Joyce is so beautiful, really!  But what impresses me most about her more than her beauty, is the fact she is so hands on with the Pageant and she is truly appreciative for her sponsors contributions.  She is someone who actually says THANK YOU personally and means it.  This is a woman who is beautiful, wealthy, has a happy marriage and children; you know, just is really living "the dream" but yet she has no arrogance about herself.  She really is the kind of woman who I believe is a woman's woman and wants to lift others up.  I really believe that based on my own personal experience with her.  And she was that way before she was on RHOBH(Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) because I dealt with her with the very first Queen of the Universe Pageant and she is exactly the same gracious woman.

Me:  Who else fun did you get to meet?

Lisa Riedel:  We met lots of fun people there. The first couple we met was Elizabeth Espinosa (CNN Latino) and her husband.  Her designer (he created a dazzling dress for the event for her) introduced us because my Tony is a Surgeon and Elizabeth Espinosas husband is also a doctor.  So, that was nice for Tony and her hubby to have conversation.  She was actually one of the judges and she is very personable and funny.  There was this beautiful African American gal who works for the Obama Administration that I really enjoyed conversing with very much.  We got lots of pictures with some of the BRAVO Reality Series Lisa &Ken Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, and David Cruz (Millionaire Matchmaker).  Let me tell you, David Cruz and his date or boyfriend were HANDSOME!!!!  We actually sat next to them at the Pageant and lots of other fun people like designers, photographers, sports figures; just lots of exciting and fun people.  We didn't go to the after party unfortunately because Tony wanted to catch a late dinner so we went to SUR Restaurant and Bar and got pictures with Arian and Tom Sandoval, as well as Scheana Marie from the cast VanderPump Rules.  I have to say, SUR is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! On the show you really can't envision how spacious it really is or the numerous vignettes there are.  It really is just fabulous!  I highly suggest if one gets an opportunity, they should go for the experience.  We also met Chuy from Chelsea Lately Show and got a picture with him too.  The best part of the night though was randomly meeting a group of 5 women from Orange County that we had a blast talking and hanging out with for a bit.  We will definitely call them on our next trip there.

Me:  So give us the inside scoop... who is your favorite housewife?  Okay - if picking one is too hard - give us your top two picks. 

Lisa Riedel:   Well of course my favorite would be Joyce.  No, I don't know her on a personal friend or even friend acquaintance level, but I do know her from a business perspective and she was gracious, thankful and accommodating so for that she is my numero uno FAVE!  LisaVanderpump is fabulously entertaining as are all of the cast members. RHOBH and RHOOC (Real Housewives of Orange County) (my two favorites of all the Housewives series), so really I can’t pick. I guess I just like watching the dynamics of all the gals who have been on the shows.  I think all the ladies have something unique to bring to the show which is what makes it entertaining.  I really do feel badly when they are fighting or not getting along though but at the same time I know if there wasn't that kind of drama most people wouldn't watch.  I especially didn't like the fighting when it involved Joyce because I feel with her Pageant she is a woman that these young girls are looking up to and are inspiring to be like her.  Also, she is trying to make a difference in the world so for me, I just hate to see someone like her in that kind of drama because she really is nice.  I do think she would really just like to get along with everyone. 

Me:  Where can we expect to see Corky popping up next; team up with or exciting vendor/sponsor at?   

Lisa Riedel:  Wherever there is a celebration going on is where you will see Corky Kouture! I am always open to opportunities for exposure to get Corky Koutures name out there.  But my BIGGEST dream and where I’d LOVE to see Corky Kouture pop up is my most favorite #1 Reality Show and Reality Celebrity - David Tutera!!  I LOVE his show! DavidTutera’s show has got just enough of everything in it.  It touches every emotion in me.  Every one of his shows makes me laugh, cry and I really learn a lot by watching.  His creations are just so magnificent! I would love, love, love to be one of his vendors for any of his events where CK fits in and to do some giveaways for his contests to his viewers.  Also, because both our brands amplify the same purpose - to bring special moments, create memories of happiness, give people experiences, and deliver a gift that is unique and personal.  Of course Oprah Winfrey would be right up there too because she's all about empowerment and feel good moments.  More importantly and the most thrilling and exciting feeling for me is knowing and experiencing that I through developing Corky Kouture I am making so many people smile for even just a moment for so many different reasons and occasions! It has been an amazing journey so far and I am so happy to be a part of touching others with Corky Kouture regardless of age, race, or body type. Our packaging offers unlimited possibilities.  How cool and exciting is that? 

Chuy Bravo from Chelsea Lately Show

Kyle Richards and Lisa Riedel

Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Riedel

 Scheana Marie

David Cruz

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spectacular Wedding Attire and More at La-Boutique-de-Lingerie Bridal

La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal is your one stop shop for all things bridal.  If you’re looking for an experienced sales staff that will see to your every need, this is the ideal shop for you.  Valerie Lammon, the owner and operator of   La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal has been in the bridal industry since the age of 12.  She shared with us "My mom opened up a bridal store in Michigan when I was 12; sold it when I was 23. I really had no intention of ever owning a bridal store or a business of any type just because of the work involved; you have to make a lot of sacrifices to make your business successful."  Well, for someone who never really had any intentions on owning a bridal store now not only owns and operates one - but one that is quite successful and offers so much to the brides to be as well as the grooms!  

Lammon earned her Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandise
and opened her store Sept. 2007 as a upscale lingerie and bra fitting store and slowly went back into the bridal business.  (Prior to that can you believe she was flipping land?)  Her father was the driving force behind her re-entering the bridal; world when he told her that selling wedding gowns will pay the bills better so back into the bridal world she went.   To say the least, he was right;  La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal is an amazing success!

When you visit  La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal you will not 
only find the wedding 
dress of your dreams, but you can also find dresses for your entire wedding party.  They also offer professional bra fitting sessions that will ensure you and your bridesmaids look fabulous in your dresses.  In addition to dresses, La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal can see the needs of the men in your wedding party.  They offer tuxedo rentals and accessories that will ensure your wedding day is one that will be remembered.

If you dress should need alterations or if you would like to modify the design, Valerie performs all of the necessary alterations and custom changes.  She prides herself in being able to take the visions of brides and do everything possible in her power to make sure their wedding attire is everything they dreamed of.  Valerie shared "The happiness of the brides I work with is my number one priority! It is what brings the joy and satisfaction into my career choice."

Because La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal is a smaller company, Lammon has the freedom to choose only the latest cutting edge and current designs.  They do not carry out of date or of an inferior quality items.  Valerie believes that every woman deserves to look her best on her wedding day.  

If you’re a bride who is looking for the perfect dress, you should
definitely stop by and see everything that Valerie Lammon at  La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal has to offer.  I promise you won’t be disappointed by her amazing selection of fabulous bridal attire!

Make sure to check her out at her websites here: La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal and La Boutique de Gowns
and her social media sites here: La Boutique de Lingerie Bridal Inc. and La Boutique de Lingerie