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Graced by Joyce Giraud

Corky Kouture™ had the great honor of interviewing Joyce Giraud, an actress and model, a two time Miss Puerto Rico winner and the 2nd runner up in the 1998 Miss Universe pageant. She is also known for representing Puerto Rico at Miss World 1994, and for her roles in in episodes of Baywatch; in the film Dude, Where's My Car?; and in the TV shows House of Payne and Joey. Joyce’s latest undertaking is the founding Queen Universe Pageant that will take place on January 27th in Los Angeles.

Joyce Giraud obtained two Bachelor of Arts degrees before the age of 19 as well as one in Special Education.  Her love of children led her to work with the less fortunate children and residential homes in Puerto Rico. 

Joyce later married Michael Ohoven, a Film Producer and Founder/CEO of Infinity Media.  Joyce and Michael have two beautiful children. 

We wanted to know more about Joyce Giraud – what motivates her and her thoughts about the beauty industry.  We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did giving it. 

CK:  At what age did you begin competing in pageants?

Joyce Giraud:  I started competing in pageants when I was 19

CK:  What do you feel is the most important quality for a pageant competitor to possess?

Joyce Giraud:  In my opinion the most important quality for a pageant competitor to have is self-confidence.  If you are self-confident and secure it simply projects and in order to be self-confident you have to be your true self.

CK: What are some of the major issues you feel girls and women face today when competing in pageants?  Thoughts on over the top Pageant Mom’s.

Joyce Giraud:  I think now days the one thing I really hate about pageants is when some girls enter for the wrong reasons.  I believe a pageant is an amazing platform that gives you a voice and if you use it correctly and are selfless about it you can truly make an impact and help the charities of your choice. 

About the stage pageant moms, I really hate it! I’m not saying little girls can’t participate in beauty pageants but it should ONLY be because it’s something they really want to do not because they have a mom that wants to live through them. I’m a mother of two and I would never force my babies to do something they didn’t want to do.

CK:  Has your perspective on pageants changed over the years and if so how?

Joyce Giraud:   My perspective of pageants has changed over the years and that is exactly the reason why I created Queen of the Universe.  I think pageants need to have the credibility they used to have before.

CK:  How do you feel your modeling and acting career has shaped you?

Joyce Giraud:   My modeling career was something that just happened. I was scouted by a photographer while I was working in Kentucky Fried Chicken so I could pay for my university studies.  Modeling was great because I found it quite easy to just stand in front of a camera and make enough money to pay for school.  It also gave me the opportunity to travel the world.

CK:  How have you been able to use your education in your current career?

Joyce Giraud:   I have two BA's One in Social Work and one in Special Education. I feel it my education shaped me and I feel I am able to use it almost on a daily basis. Social Work helps you deal with people and understand human beings.  We are all the same... just different shapes, colors, and sizes, but still the same.

CK:  What inspired you to create the Queen Universe Pageant?

Joyce Giraud:  I have been dreaming of creating a pageant that gives women the opportunity to represent their countries, be ambassadors of women, have a voice to help their charities and use their titles to further their careers and goals in life while not being judged for being married, single, or having children.  That’s how Queen of the Universe was born and each day I thank God for my amazing group of Queens. They are exactly what I dreamed!

CK:  What is the most valuable lesson you've learned while putting the pageant together?

Joyce Giraud:   While putting the pageant together, I would say the most valuable lesson I learned is something I learn each day – PATIENCE - Patience is the key to success and perseverance leads you to make your dreams a reality.

CK:  What advice would you give up and coming pageant competitors?

Joyce Giraud:   For any up and coming pageant competitors I would tell them that even though it sounds cliché, the best thing is to simply be yourself.  When you are simply you, everybody will love you because people can tell when someone is fake and just trying to impress a crowd.

For Fun Questions:

CK:  What is the one thing every girl should own?

Joyce Giraud:   The one thing every girl should own is a pair of mile high stilettos! They make you feel beautiful no matter what you are wearing :-)

CK:  Your favorite designer?

Joyce Giraud:   My favorite main stream designer is Roberto Cavalli but MY FAVORITE DESIGNER IN THE WORLD is my amazing friend David Antonio who has made my dress for every major moment of my life. He made my graduation dress, my Miss Puerto Rico dress, my Miss Universe dress, my Miss Venus dress, my Queen of the Atlantics dress, my dress I word when my husband was nominated to the Oscars, and my favorite of them all, MY WEDDING DRESS!!

CK:  Most fun modeling job you ever did and why?

Joyce Giraud:   The most fun modeling job I ever did was for a client who took us (two models) to shoot in the Caribbean on a cruise. We had the time of our life :-) I will always remember that shoot.   The worst was for a client that flew me to London to model bikinis in the snow!  I was miserable because I hate the cold!

CK:  If you could model for anyone you haven’t already modeled for, who would it be and why?

Joyce Giraud:  If I could model for anyone it would be for Channel because I’m just in love with the brand and everything in the collection.

Make sure to check out the Queen of the Universe Pageant!  Get to know Joyce more and follow her on Twiter at Joyce Giraud on Twitter and on Facebook at  Queen of the Universe and Joyce Giraud!

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