Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hope for a Single Mom

October is Cancer Awareness Month yet it does not just rear its ugly head in October.  This devastating disease is with us every day and everywhere we look.  It empties bank accounts and takes lives and shows absolutely no remorse.  It has no real rhyme or reason and strikes at its own will.  It leaves a trail of despair and for those who are fighting the battle is in a fight for their lives.  When you have a strong support group it helps with the beating that Cancer delivers but if you are a single mom with a smaller support group, limited funds, and children you want to see grow into beautiful adults it can feel like you stand alone in the world fighting the battle against this inexorable monster.  But there is hope for a single mom. They do not have to stand alone.

Hope for a Single Mom is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping single working mothers in their battle against breast cancer.  Hope for a Single Mom was founded by Donna Sullivan, a Florida Brevard County resident.  Back in August 2010, Denise Moore, a single mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery on August 23rd.  She had to miss several months of work.  She received no income during that period and began to fall behind in her bills.  Thanks to Hope for a Single Mom she was able to keep her mortgage and car payment up to date and pay off some of her medical bills. 

Donna, the sister of Denise Moore, the first recipient of assistance from Hope For a Single Mom, was astounded when she saw firsthand how fast and messed up a person’s finances can be destroyed by a Cancer diagnosis. In hopes to help her sister and nephew during their trying times, Donna teamed up with the women of her Mary Kay unit selling lots of lipsticks and donating part of the profits to help Denise keep her home and her car.  Much like the Pay It Forward movement, Brevard County citizens caught wind of this and joined in to help Denise.  Banning together as a community, over $5000 was raised and given to Denise.  Denise said it was the most unbelievable feeling to know others cared so much to help her stay in her home.  She vowed to her sister to beat her cancer and pay it forward to another local single mom.

Every year since 2010, a single mother is selected with care by Donna, Denise and their friends at Breast Friends of Florida and shown the same supportive assistance as Denise did back in 2010. Breast Friends, a non-profit organization, is located in Brevard County and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for women with breast cancer and other woman related cancers.  Hope for a Single Mom has partnered with Breast Friends and keeps their focus on giving HOPE to our Single Moms here in Brevard.

To learn more about Hope for a Single Mom and to get involved, please visit:

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