Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

This Valentines Day surprise your friends with a Valentines Day gift. Think of all of the times your best friends have been there for you. Now is the perfect time to tell them thank you. With a favorite bottle of wine, a Corky Kouture™ bottled gift bag and a small handmade card to slip inside of the handy gift bag zippered pouch.

Your friends will know how much they mean to you. You will love seeing the surprise look on their faces. Perhaps that evening you and your friends can get together at one of your homes and enjoy the bottle of wine together. Who needs a date? You and your best friends can share laughs, memories and the usual fun you have together.

If you are married you can surprise your significant other with a bottle of champagne ingeniously placed inside of a Corky Kouture™ bottled gift bag. Slip a gift card for a massage for two inside of the gift bag zippered pouch. You will definitely score points with this Valentines Day thoughtful gift!

Valentines Day gift giving is not just for lovers. If you are a boss and appreciate your employees make sure you show them. When you give a gift to an employee you are showing them how much you care and appreciate the hard work they do for you. Little things do mean a lot when it comes to the workplace. Give a bottle of wine or sparkling wine to your top performing employees. Place the bottle inside of one of the fancy bottle gift bags from Corky Kouture™.

Don’t forget your parents this February 14th. Surprise your parents with a romantic dinner. Bring over a home cooked meal along with candles and a bottle of wine in one of the upscale bottle gift bags available. You may decide to select a red, black, pink or white wine gift bag. Red may be the perfect selection since it is the holiday of love. When your parents see this lovely gesture do not be surprised if your mother becomes teary. Your parents will enjoy the romantic dinner and bottle of wine together. The memories you have created will last a lifetime.

This year make this Valentines Day special for the loved ones in your life when you surprise them with a bottle of wine, champagne or sparkling wine inside of a stunning CorkyKouture™ bottled gift bag

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