Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentines Day Gifting: Show You Care

Skip the boring chocolates and flowers this Valentines Day. People expect to get the same old same old every year. Make this Valentines Day gifting extra special. You can create a more meaningful gift when you make your own card and slip it into the adorned zippered pouch of a upscale Corky Kouture bottled gift bag with a fine wine nestled inside.  You do not have to be a scrap booking enthusiast to make a card. Look online how to make a simple Valentines Day card. You may decide to take a piece of red construction paper and glue a photo of the two of you on the front. If you do not like your handwriting, use your computer to type Happy Valentines Day. On the inside use the computer to type out your thoughts, feelings and/or a poem to your loved one. Use a glue stick to paste the poem or written thoughts inside of the handmade card. The fact that you took the time to create something with your own hands will impress your loved one.

Along with the lovely card you created, purchase a bottle of wine. Get the wine your significant other likes or a bottle the two of you enjoy sipping together. There is no need to wrap the wine bottle as you can purchase a stunning Corky Kouture™ fancy winebag to place the wine in. The wine bag is absolutely gorgeous and makes any gift appear lavish. If you want to purchase jewelry, a gift card or another small item you can place it inside of the clever zippered pouch. 

If you are getting cabin fever plan ahead to spend Valentines Day at a hotel. Splurge and get a hotel room with a hot tub. The two of you will wash away your cares and stress in the hot tub while sipping the wine you gave as a gift to your sweetheart earlier. This one night focusing on the two of you can rejuvenate your relationship in no time.

Spending quality time together is a must to keep your relationship thriving. Small or large gifts show the other person you care. Buy your sweetheart a candy bar when you go to the store when it is not on the list. Your significant other will know that you are thinking of him or her when the two of you are apart. Treat your spouse or significant other to a larger gift such as the wine inside one of the CorkyKouture™ fancy bottle gift bags and a hotel room for the night. Valentines Day gifting is made special when you spend time together and take the time to buy a special gift for your significant other. 

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