Friday, April 6, 2012

Grammatica SIPS – The Natural Choice in Building

There are many times I come across a business that impresses me greatly and I feel the need to share with everyone.  This is one such occasion.  Off my typical content, but allow me a moment to share with you a great discovery.  If you are in the process of building a home or building or doing some reconstruction, this will be of definite interest to you!  Enjoy!  And stop by their website and tell them Lisa from Corky Kouture sent you!  :-)  

Gramatica SIPS International is a fascinating new building system. It is the natural choice for people who are interested in saving time, money and energy while building a beautiful home or commercial building. SIPS stands for Structural Integrated Panel Systems, and the name does not begin to describe the efficiency of this amazing product. Gramatica SIPS International has created a shinning star in the construction industry!

First of all, Gramatica SIPS are incredibly environmentally friendly. When you use this building material for construction, you can cut your electricity bills by anywhere from 30% to 70%. In fact, the extremely high insulation value of Gramatica SIPS increases energy efficiency for many utilities.

The panels are environmentally friendly during their fabrication and during construction of your own building as well. The system uses less lumber for the same size of building than tradition building methods. When the SIPS panels are made, there are no CFC or HCFC gases emitted to the atmosphere to damage the ozone layer. The SIPS panels are already fabricated before they reach your site, so you do not create much waste on your end in putting them together.

Gramatica SIPS are healthier for you, too. They are mold and mildew free. SIPS stand up to some of the harshest weather conditions including earthquakes and hurricanes. They have been tested to withstand 200 MPH winds with no structural damage. They can hold their own against heat, with their special flame resistant materials.

What really sells many people on the Gramatica SIPS International panel building system is how quickly and easily they go up. Whether you are using the SIPS for a home or a commercial building, you can always appreciate the savings. You will work less, or pay less for labor.

You will also have your building quicker than you would with traditional building methods. Gramatica SIPS International pre-drills and pre-cuts the panels, and numbers them so that you can put them in place quickly and easily. Then, if you ever need any assistance, Gramatica is always there for technical advice, just a phone call away. You cannot get better service and quality than with Gramatica SIPS International.

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