Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Glitterati Puts Every Event on the A-List

The Glitterati just announced that they are partnering with Corky Kouture to offer our gift presentation bags to their members. Our beautiful CK gift bags are just right for the image of The Glitterati, an exclusive group promoting the luxury lifestyle.

The Glitterati creates events for holidays, festivals and fashion weeks. The Glitterati goes beyond simple celebration of holidays and participation in events. The group turns every outing into a magnificent A-list affair with fun, excitement and luxury throughout.

Recently, a chic Halloween party was planned to take place in a Romanian castle. The Glitterati has many events revolving around Fashion Weeks. Awards events such as the Emmy’s the Academy Awards and the Cannes Film Festival are also part of The Glitterati scene. Members have access to all these events. The group makes every event a trendy and thrilling happening.

Exclusivity is one key to the group’s success. People can only become members by invitation of The Glitterati. Members get a feeling of privilege from the time they enter the group. They enjoy 24-hour upscale concierge treatment for travel, shopping, limo service, and any other needs they have for their luxury lifestyle.

The group also provides special deals for its members on products that suit the luxury lifestyle. The Glitterati only partners with the most prestigious brands in the world. The point is to offer their members easy access to excellent products and exceptional services that best suit their luxury lifestyle.

We at CK feel honored to be included in that group, yet we designed our gift bags with that same level of style and grace in mind. We also like it that our Corky Kouture gift bags bring energy, excitement and beauty to create uncommon occasions. The partnership should be a happy one for both CK and The Glitterati.

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