Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Beautiful Colors of Mother’s Day Tradition

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to express appreciation for mothers in bright and beautiful colors. Gorgeous flowers have been exchanged on days celebrating mothers since ancient times. . The story of the first flowers known to be sent specifically for the U.S. Mother’s Day begins in the early 1900’s when Anna Marie Jarvis wanted to honor her recently deceased mother at church on the first official Mother’s Day.

On May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis sent enough carnations so that every one of the 407 in attendance could have 2 of the flowers in dedication of the first Mother’s Day. Every year on Mother’s Day, Jarvis sent flowers for the congregation in memory of her mother, and she eventually sent over 10,000 white carnations to the church.

Anna Jarvis sent white carnations because they were her mother’s favorite flower. However, a tradition sprang up to include pink or red roses as well. These more colorful flowers were given to those whose mothers were still living, while the white ones were given to women whose mothers had passed away.

That is why, in churches all over America, women of all ages sport beautiful white, pink and red carnation on Mother’s Day. It is to honor their living or deceased mothers. Yet, in recent years, women have begun to break with tradition a bit. Some women still use the red and pink or white carnations, but others have gone to a wider variety of choices.

Yellow flowers are symbolic of newness and cheerfulness, and so they are a wonderful choice for new mothers. Lavender flowers represent grace and femininity, and are ideal for mothers-to-be. Green flowers are a symbol of good fortune and optimism, so they would be excellent choices for mothers who are off on a new path in life.

Corky Kouture gift presentation bags cover the most traditional and popular colors for Mother’s Day. Choose these eye-catching gift bags in red, pink or white to present to your amazing mother on her special day.

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Mother’s Day is not only a time to honor your mother, but it is also a time to bring her happiness and joy. Make her day special with a gift wrapped in a Corky Kouture presentation bag. She will never forget the experience. 

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  1. I love your blog! and the Corky Kouture! Is this an online business or do you have a store somewhere?


    1. Hi DC..thank you for the compliment! We sell online only.

  2. Gifts sharing is sign of love and care,that you have care for your friend or family members. Your blog is very beautiful i really enjoyed it.