Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Corky Kouture – An Amazing Bridal Party Appreciation Gift

The bridal party plays a large part in a wedding, and usually puts in huge effort to make the day turn out right. Bridesmaids may get together to help choose and order the dresses and have fittings. There may be several functions to attend, including a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner. The maid of honor will usually arrange a bridal shower and a bachelorette’s party. This all requires work, attention to detail and showing up where they are needed on time.

For all this, the bride’s friends expect nothing. They do it to support her. They do it to be included in her happy day. Most of all, they do it for the love of the bride and the wish that she will have a beautiful wedding. Brides usually want to show their appreciation in a very memorable way.

Corky Kouture gift presentation bags strike just the right note in expressing the joy and gratitude the bride is feeling towards her wedding party. They are silky, ruffled and lovely. Many brides will choose the white presentation bags for a wedding party, but Corky Kouture upscale bottled gift bags also come in pink, red and black. No matter what color she chooses, the bride is sure to please.

Adult bridesmaids might like champagne or wine in their Corky Kouture bags. Younger bridesmaids or flower girls might like sparkling juice or a luxurious bottled bubble bath. Some brides give the bridal party appreciation gifts at the rehearsal and others wait until the wedding itself. In any case, it is a great idea to give something the person can take home and enjoy.

The bejeweled pouches attached to each gift presentation bag are terrific for hiding a special treat. Putting a piece of jewelry in the pouch will give the person a token of the bride’s appreciation. It will also give them a treasure to keep and wear in memory of the wedding day.

Even if the bride uses the pouch for jewelry, it is also a good place to put a poem or heartfelt note describing her appreciation. If the bridal party appreciation gifts are given at the wedding, mementos of the activities leading up to the wedding can be included in the pouch. One example would be photos of a bachelorette party or bridal shower.

When a bride treats her bridal party with kindness, she is likely to enjoy their good will for years to come. Choosing Corky Kouture presentation bottled gift bags and filling them up with thoughtful gifts is sure to make them happy. The bridal party who receives these gifts will remember the wedding far into the future. Even better, they will always be happy when they remember how well the bride treated them on that day.

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