Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fill a Frilly, Fluffy Gift Bag with Easter Whimsy!

Easter is the time to bring out the riotous colors of a joyous spring. Giving gifts on Easter is the perfect opportunity to express your whimsical side with fancy frills and ribbons. Corky Kouture has just the presentation style you are looking for if you want to capture the exuberance of the holiday.

Pastels like pink, as well as white are always traditional at Easter. It is probably the light, sunny mood of these colors that make them so popular at this time. Maybe it is because so many of us have spent so much time under a bank of dark, dismal clouds. Perhaps it is because we have been cooped up inside our homes. The pastels call to us in at Easter with a message of coming summer and excitement we have only dreamed of all winter long.

Corky Kouture pink and white gift bags are perfect for sending gifts at Easter. With their satiny, feathery feel and look, they make a girl’s heart leap with joy, whether she is young or old. Red bags are just as beautiful, they suit some women better, and they are very appropriate to be given from a mate.
When your loved one finds the gift inside, she will be even more excited. There is plenty of room to put her favorite wine or sparkling juice, a perfect complement to a spring luncheon. If you really want to help her celebrate the season, gift her with a bottle of the finest champagne. Or, send her a bottle of luxurious bubble bath to wash away the winter blues.

Then, you can slip a special surprise inside the little jeweled pouch attached to the side of the presentation bag. Make it an extravagant piece of jewelry, a love note, or a gift card to a spa to be pampered. She will be overjoyed at the gift and thrilled with the presentation. Corky Kouture presentation bags can truly help you give your loved one a terrific start to the spring with a beautiful gift on Easter Day. 

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