Monday, February 27, 2012

Dazzle the Bride with a Corky Kouture Bridal Shower Gift

Everyone is looking for that special bridal shower gift that will really wow the bride and get the party started. Corky Kouture bottled gift upscale presentation bags lend just the right festive atmosphere to this happy gathering of friends.

With their gorgeous, eye-popping beauty, these upscale bottled gift bags will add flair to the occasion. When the bride sees the red, white, black or pink gorgeous frilly bag in the room, she will know something exciting is about to happen. In fact, the Corky Kouture bags electrify the ambiance of the party even before they are opened to see what is inside.

The CK gift bags can be filled with bottled beverages that can be shared at the bridal shower or saved for the wedding night. A bottle of a high-quality champagne, wine or sparkling juice can be shared among all the guests in a toast to the bride.

A Corky Kouture presentation gift bag can also hold an exquisite treat for the wedding preparations. When the bride opens the finest bottled bubble bath at the bridal shower, she knows that she can use it on the day of her wedding. Then, after her luxurious bath, she will feel soft and silky, slipping into her fine wedding clothing.
The gift bags can contain more than a bottle, though. They also have a bejeweled pouch attached for any kind of extra gift or keepsake of the day. The pouch is the ideal place for a personalized note, congratulating the bride on her upcoming wedding, and wishing her all the best. It is also a good place to offer support for the bride in the upcoming years as she enters the new world of married life. This is especially meaningful when it comes from a dear friend who has been in a long-term relationship.

The pretty pouch of the gift bag can also be used to give the bride those traditional ingredients that every bride needs for the wedding. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – by choosing jewelry or other small items for these categories, any one of them can be included in the pouch.

Bridal showers are all about showering the bride with attention and love, and the Corky Kouture gift bags can set the stage for doing just that. The bride not only gets a tangible item she can use and enjoy. She also gets the fun and excitement it brings to the party.

Corky Kouture bags are more than just presentation bags. They stay beautiful long after the party is over. They can provide a memento of one of the happiest days leading up to the bride’s wedding. Giving Corky Kouture bags for a bridal showers is a thoughtful and loving gesture. The bride will always remember the day, and so will everyone who attends.

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