Monday, January 30, 2012

I will bring the Wine…

Are you generally the one who, when invited to a dinner party says “I will bring the wine…” ?  If so, this blog is for you and all the other bottled gift givers in the world.  Bringing a bottled gift to a dinner party is very traditional and in some situations, it is almost expected to bring the hostess a bottled gift.  However, gifting a bottled gift of wine or other liquor can be an opportunity to set you apart from the rest of the gifters.  A great bottle of wine should be presented in a fashion that stands apart from the rest.  If you spend good money on a bottle of wine, when it is almost expected to gift a bottle of wine, when received by the hostess amongst several other bottles of wine, the sensationalism is lost.  Present it in the fashion of a true well thought out gift and be original.  Make your gift of wine stand out with an upscale wine gift bag.
There is an art in gifting.  It all starts with the presentation.  If your presentation delivers a WOW factor, your gift will be received in that same fashion.  A bottle of wine, regardless of price, if gifted in a brown paper sack versus a wine gift bag looks cheap.  It wouldn’t matter if you spent hundreds on that bottle.  Put that same bottle of wine in a Corky Kouture® and slip a note or a token of appreciation into the attached zippered gift pouch and you have created a presentation that will not be forgotten and your gift will certainly stand out amongst the crowd.  It will deliver that WOW factor that will have all the guest talking and the hostess feeling truly appreciated.   Your hostess will appreciate your originality and thoughtfulness that went into it.

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