Sunday, January 22, 2012

Embrace your Anti-Valentine’s Day in you!

Have you read yet about the origin of Valentines Day?  If you have, then you know it started back during the Roman Empire days, back in 270 AD.  King Claudius ruled that men would not be able to marry during wartime as he felt it would make them weak, deflect their attention from what was at hand – WAR!  Well of course where a law has been put in place there is always someone who is going to break it and that is exactly what Bishop Valentine did.  (Now you are getting a good idea of where the name came from for Valentines Day.)  Well Bishop Valentine went on and performed covert weddings.  Of course, when you break a law, eventually you are going to get busted, as Bishop Valentine did and at a great cost!  Bishop Valentine was executed for this crime on guess what day?  If you guessed February 14th, you are correct.  So now you know where the name and date came from.  However, while jailed, Bishop Valentine also coined the term “From your Valentine” after writing a love note to his jailer’s daughter.
With that being said, and now that you know a man lost his life in the honor of union and love, don’t you feel the need to honor his lost life on Valentines Day even if you are totally against it?  Yes, I am totally aware that there in an anti-Valentines Day club with a huge following, but come on… a man lost his life for this day to have been created!  Not convinced this is a good enough reason to send a loved one a Valentine?  Okay, I can live with that – so how about a twist on Valentine’s Day then?

Here is my thought for those of you who are against gifting on Valentines Day.  How about gifting anti Valentine’s gifts to show your disdain?  Yes, you heard me right… an anti Valentine Day gift!

Okay, now let me give you of course a Corky Kouture® suggestion that I think of course it absolutely fun!  The black Corky Kouture® bottled Gift Bag.  Okay, here is my thought.  You can easily customize the footer of the Presentation Box with an anti-Valentine’s Day message like “I hate Valentines Day”.  Then, instead of putting a nice bottle of champagne in the Corky Kouture® sleeve, you can put an empty bottle in it!  In the gift pouch you can put a child’s school Valentine into the zippered pouch, but before doing so take a black Sharpie and “X” it out!  How funny would that be! See, so even for those Anti-Valentine Club members, there is a way you can have fun that day and share your Valentine disdain.

*Disclaimer* - Corky Kouture® Glamour Galore will not be held responsible for the laugh and the fun that a recipient has from the “Anti-Valentines Day” gift.  All joy gained by the gift will be the full responsibility of the gifter.  In addition, Corky Kouture® will not take responsibility by the love connections this gift could highly deliver.  (But feel free to add Corky Kouture® to your future bridal showers, wedding, birthdays, and anniversaries due to the results of this gifting option.)              

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