Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the Love of Valentines Day

Every year people are bombarded with gift suggestions for Valentines Day. They are the same played out suggestions year after year – candy, jewelry, flowers, and bottles of booze.  Why not think outside of the box this year and gift even those redundant gifts with flare.  You can make an ordinary typical Valentines gift stand out – to never be forgotten - and to be accepted this year with a new set of eyes.

Valentines Day is to be symbolic of love, appreciation, union, etc.   So when you toss a heart shaped box at your Valentine, how much thought went into that gifting?  Not much if any.  If showing appreciation for a loved one is tossing a box of chocolates ones way year after year, would the recipient really feel appreciated?  I am going to guess not and after a couple of years of that, possibly they would feel even annoyed that more thought wasn’t taken in their Valentine token of love.  It would become expected.  I can hear women around the year talking with their other women friends “Valentines Day is just another day of the year.  He will come home with this lame box of chocolate and hand it to me like he is some king and I am to bow to his feet in gratitude” along with numerous other history predicted statements.

For the love of Valentines Day, switch it up this year gifters!  Put a wow factor into your love and appreciation gifting.  You can stay in your comfort zone and purchase those chocolates, jewelry, flowers and a bottle of wine, just present it in the flair that will have the recipient melting at her knees and falling in love all over again. 

It is as easy as thinking ahead just a little.  Get that favorite bottle of wine she adores and slip it into the sleeve of a Corky Kouture® bottled gift bag.  In the zippered pouch, place those stunning earrings she has been eyeing.  Get that box of chocolates and those gorgeous roses and present her Valentines Day gift with the love and appreciation in a fashion that only Corky Kouture® can deliver!  Take a moment that could otherwise be lost and make it one that will be remembered and treasured forever!               

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