Friday, December 14, 2012

Make It a Christmas Tradition

Many families carry on Christmas traditions. Of course having a turkey or ham with all of the trimmings is at the top of the list. We cannot complete our dinner without the mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberries, buttery buns, yams, green beans, squash (possibly with marshmallows), pumpkin pie and minced meat pie. Can you smell the coffee now?

Another family tradition may be to head outdoors and do some caroling or watch a Christmas parade.  Traditions make long lasting memories.  

I find that some households have the women in the kitchen while the men are in the family room watching TV. A male will enter the kitchen when it is time to carve the delectable meat of the hour. The rest of the men will follow suit into the kitchen when the food is ready to be eaten. Ladies, do we need to break this tradition I ask with a smile on my face?

Christmas morning generally starts with eagerly seeking out the Christmas tree to see what it holds for you.  Eagar to see if Santa felt you were good or bad.  LOL! Or maybe tradition holds that the family sits down to breakfast first before diving into the Christmas wrappings.  

Whatever your traditions are, they are scared and they have created memories for all members involved.  For those traditions and many others that families create, another can be made with Corky Kouture Glamour Galore Presentation Bottled Gift Bags.

When visiting relatives, a Corky Kouture would make an awesome hostess gift filled with the host’s favorite libation and a gift card in the adorned gift card pouch attached to the Corky Kouture bottled gift bag.  In turn, this could quickly become a tradition as the CK takes its turn from relative to relative’s home with the gifted removing their treasures and filling it with new treasures for the next home it is gifted at.  

Christmas is not just a time for giving, but also a time of reflection.  At your evening meal as you reflect with your family of the days past over the year, take time to reflect on those people who have touched your life in one way or another, or maybe someone who needs reason to believe the upcoming year can bring better.  When as a family you choose that one special person (or more if you choose) you could gift that person(s) a Corky Kouture filled with your own treasures along with a note with your sentiments.  What a great way to start someone’s New Year!

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