Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creative Christmas Gifting with Corky Kouture

You can find creative ways to give Christmas gifts this year with Corky Kouture without breaking the bank. For example, for that couple so deeply in love you could choose a bottle of champagne, a red Corky Kouture bag, two types of cheese and crackers. The couple is sure to appreciate the thought of using the gift together.

Certainly you know of many friends and family with stressful jobs, children and are constantly on the go. For this friend or family member a bottle of wine inside of a lovely Corky Kouture bag along with lightly scented candles, bubble bath and a relaxing CD is sure to put the gift recipient in a much needed Zen mood.

Do you have a family to buy for? You may decide to buy a bottle of Sparkling Grape Juice and put it in one of the stunning bags. Purchase a family movie or two and a box of popcorn. This gift is sure to be a family fun hit! Plus, you have saved money by not having to purchase a gift for every single person in the family.

Perhaps you have a favorite bookworm or two in your life. You could purchase a book on his or her list. If you don’t know what book or books he/she wants you could give a gift card from a popular bookstore. Add a bottle of wine and put it in your favorite CK bag and you are good to go!

We all have people on our Christmas list that have it all. Every year it’s a struggle to find the perfect gift. A favorite bottle of wine and a striking CK bag is all you need!

Maybe you and your husband or wife need a holiday getaway. How about booking your favorite hotel for a night or two? Of course this gift is more expensive than any gifts listed thus far but your relationship is very important to the both of you. With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays the two of you are sure to appreciate a getaway from it all! With the hotel gift add a bottle of champagne to a CK bag, chocolates to feed each other and maybe even some new sexy lingerie.

People love personalized gifts. When you give something personalized the gift recipient  knows you had to give some thought about them before you actually selected their gift.

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