Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2012 Holiday Rafflecopter Giveaway Participant ~ Kelley Lee Lang from Avon, Wildtree and Norwex

This blog highlights Kelley Lang. Kelley Lang is gifting items from the three different companies she belongs to! 

The first is Avon. She is adding the following products to the giveaway:  Avon’s Red Chocolate Cake Bubble Delight Bubble Bath, Moisture Therapy Lip Balm, and a Holiday Hand cream.

Wildtree products are the second set of items Kelley Lang is gifting!  She is adding the following Wildtree products:  Wildtree’s Chipotle Lime Rub, Gourmet Crepe Mix, and Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Mix.

Norwex is the last company she will be donating from. Norwex sells phenomenal cleaning products as well as skin care products. She is adding a $10 gift certificate to spend on her website on any Norwex product!

Kelley’s first love is helping people. She likes to make things as easy as possible for people, save money, as well as become healthier. These are the biggest reasons she joined each one of these companies. She loves to find the best products for her family, friends and her customers.

Kelley has been married for 26 years and has three boys with her husband. The eldest son is 13 years old and her twins are 12 years old. Their family also consists of four fur babies.

Kelley also likes to share information and tips on her Facebook Fan pages, Twitter and Blogger regarding all three products. You will find helpful information and specials here:

Twitter for all 3 products-

Find all of your needs and special Christmas gifts for everyone on your list! You will feel great giving gifts that will help people make their life easier and healthier.

You can purchase Avon for yourself or Christmas gifts at:

Wildtree products make excellent organic Christmas gifts for everyone on your list! Find these amazing flavored grapeseed oils, spices and foods at:

Norwex will cut your cleaning time down by 75%! Get your home sparkling clean in no time with no added scents that are particularly irritating for those with allergies.

Here is to a happier, healthier and richer you! 

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