Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Holiday Rafflecopter Giveaway Participant ~ Shasha Lynn from EasyShop 360

This blog highlights Shasha Lynn from EasyShop 360. Shasha Lynn is gifting a $25.00 gift card to Walmart!!  Who couldn’t use an extra $25.00 this time of year for stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, groceries, or every day necessities from Walmart?  I bet most would be thrilled to win this and all the other awesome gifts that have been generously given for the 2012 Holiday Rafflecopter Giveaway!  

Shasha Lynn is very active in the social media world and has created a venue where buyers and sellers meet through EasyShop 360, 360 ShoutOuts on Facebook and a few different facebook groups that encourage businesses to help one another.  EasyShop 360 was founded in 2010 and offers advertising, networking and shopping. Currently the EasyShop 360 website is under construction (thus the reason for the $25.00 Walmart gift card but make sure you become a member of their blog until their main website is rebuilt. 

EasyShop 360’s mission is to drive customers to the business owner's door and to give the customer a great deal along with a wonderful experience. We all could use a little extra money in our wallet, couldn’t we? Easyshop360 believes in "People helping People." As mentioned, their mission is to create an online venue where buyers and sellers meet. They want to help business owners increase sales by bringing buyers to their door without charging high listing and backend fees. Check around and you will find out how costly this service can be.

For example if you sell jewelry online you can use Easyshop360 to get the word out on the products you are selling. Make sure you share photos as this will increase your sales incredibly. Another tip is to pin the products you are selling onto Pinterest. You may type in the price of the product you are selling so it immediately shares the cost of your item with potential buyers.  You can find Shasha on Pinterest here: ES360World

Shasha’s business is an online marketing portal that creatively uses a shopping website to feature and market business’s products and services. There is a onetime annual fee. No commissions, listing or sales fees; just your membership fee. FYI: You can write this fee off on your business taxes.

Easyshop360World is an upcoming online advertising/shopping website bringing buyers and seller together. This business features our subscribers' products in individual webstores to drive more customers to the business owner's main website.

If you are starting out an online business you can check out this fantastic business’s fanpage, blog, Twitter page and/or Pinterest page to get more information. You will be happy you did as it will increase your fan base which in turn can help you sell more products and/or services online.

Check out the curent promotion going on the EasyShop 360 Fanpage with the 7777 Multi-Vendor Sale and Giveaway Celebration and get in on the fun.  You are going to want to connect with Shasha and EasyShop 360!  

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