Sunday, July 8, 2012

Isn’t It Time You Put Your Best Face Forward?

If you’re looking to put your best face forward, look no further than Faces By Shannon. Orlando is hot, no matter what the season (seasons…what are those, right?!!) and often we women neglect our makeup since it’s just going to “melt off” anyway, right? I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked in the mirror before a huge event, not really loved my makeup (if I was wearing any at all!), and just shrugged, thinking, “Eh, good enough.” No, ladies. That isn’t good enough! We deserve to feel and look our best whenever we can.

What is Faces By Shannon? Well, the face behind Faces By Shannon is Shannon Miller; a brilliant and incredibly talented makeup artist (a protégé of Bernie Safire!) whose studied in Australia, worked for MAC, and is now forging more personal relationships with her clients. Instead of working in salon, she works for herself, making you look the best you can without a time limit or a line of other customers waiting their turn. You will be in the spotlight!

Not only is Shannon trained in makeup applications of all kind, but she can help solve your bothersome skin problems too. Whether you’re looking to get lessons for everyday looks you can do at home (with or without a little one tugging at your pants leg!) or wanting a dramatic look for your wedding or a large party, Faces By Shannon can help you.

Maybe you’ve considered a facial peel or wanted to tackle the reoccurring acne you get, but never felt comfortable walking into a salon and requesting these services. Faces By Shannon can accommodate you, and you’ll rest easy knowing that Shannon has been formally trained by the Florida College of Natural Health and has her Esthetician license. You will receive professional services in a sterile, yet inviting and personal, environment where you can ask questions and even get a free consultation before making any decisions.

Our faces are a canvas, and they’re really the first thing people see when they see US. Makeup and skin that looks its best can negate any other parts of our bodies we feel less than confident about. More importantly, when we look at ourselves, we want to feel strong and confident. If you’re looking for a refreshing change and a look that can truly change everything, make an appointment with Faces By Shannon!

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