Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Capture Your Unique Style With Shuttergram

Orlando, Florida is known for its beautiful people and when it comes to photographing them, Shuttergram Photography not only has the talent, but also the credentials, for getting the job done. Now in their fourth year of business, Shuttergram has expanded their customer base to include photo shoots of all kind, from baby boutique’s to fashion photography. A versatile photographer that captures beauty in all walks of life? Yes, it is possible!  Shuttergram shot the product pictures of our Corky Kouture!   

People often hesitate when it comes to hiring a professional photographer for their event, thinking they can just “ask friends” to take the photos and that will suffice. Friends with cameras may have good intentions but they generally lack the technical skills needed for getting the right shot, working with lighting, and retouching photos when needed. That’s why it’s best to leave that work to the pro at Shuttergram.

If your photography needs are a little “outside the box”, Shuttergram can accommodate. If you already have a vision, Shuttergram can take those ideas, build upon them, and give you a finished product that’s professional and captures the essence of your individual style. If your vision isn’t so clearly defined, Shuttergram can work with you to build a shoot that reflects your personality and taste. Beautiful results can be viewed in number of categories, ranging from musician photo shoots (what a great way to present yourself to a new audience!) to edgy editorial pics and fashion shoots. If you’re an aspiring model looking to build a quality portfolio, look no further. Shuttergram already has several photographed models under their belt, and they’d love to include YOU in their roster.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Shuttergram honors the beauty in all of us with gorgeous photographs that are timeless and tasteful. The retouching services ensure you are the best version of yourself in print!

As a resident of the Orlando area, you know there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to professional photography! Let that choice be easy with Shuttergram. Schedule a consultation or send a message with any questions you might have and you’ll be on your way to beautiful in no time!

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