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MamaNYC Review of Corky Kouture

Hi everyone.. I wanted to share with you all another great review that MamaNYC did on the Corky Kouture! 

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Corky Kouture – Wine Presentation Gift Bags [Review]
Corky Kouture: Review @ MamaNYC
MamaNYC 2011 Holiday Gift Guide Seal of Approval!

 This product is 2011 Holiday Gift Guide APPROVED!

Corky KoutureAlthough we may not realize, a bottle of wine is one of the most popular holiday time gifts. We love bringing a bottle of wine to a gathering, party, or holiday meal at a relatives home. Wine has also been one of those items that I decide to purchase for those people I have a hard time shopping for. 
I have always struggled when it came to wrapping up a bottle of wine or figuring out the best way to present the item in a way that shows, "I didn’t just stop off at the liquor store on the way to your house. I put some thought into this gift!" Corky Kouture has put an end to that problem and I am thrilled to share their wine presentation gift bag with all of you.
Corky Kouture gift bags are luxurious, eye popping, show stopping presentation bags that are designed to dazzle and delight even the most demanding Diva! Each of these gift bags comes inside of presentation box and a small crystal-studded zippered gift card holder. This is the perfect spot to include a card, gift card, jewelry, or other small gift you want to include for your loved one! The craftsmanship and detail on my Corky Kouture gift bag is out of this world! Each of these gift bags are satin with tulle, boa feathers, crystal and a flowing ribbon. 
Corky Kouture: Review @ MamaNYC
Although Corky Kouture was created with the wine lover in mind, there is no reason you can’t use these beautiful gift bags for non-alcoholic gifts! Bubble bath or sparkling juice would also be a perfect gift to find inside of a Corky Kouture gift bag!  Birthday parties, anniversaries, bachelorette, or holiday parties – just to name a few ideas!
I decided on a black Corky Kouture gift bag, but I really wanted to get my hands on the pink bag! I thought about how easy it would be to display a PINK wine gift bag in our kitchen and realized my husband would likely freak out. He is very patient with me, but that may be considered pushing it. The black bag is gorgeous and I am SO in love with it! I look at it every single day when I am in my kitchen and receive SO many compliments and requests from friends and family. My husband actually likes it (a lot!) and NOW he says pink would have been fine… sheesh! Either way, I am in love and will have my Corky Kouture gift bag in my kitchen for many years to come! (It’s placed in a small ‘minibar’ area that I have with my wine collection)
Lisa Riedel’s Inspiration & Invention Story: "I was inspired to design and develop this brand while searching for a unique, impressive and glamorous way to gift a friend with a bottle of her favorite champagne along with a full presentation of all of the things I knew she would love such as a gift card to her favorite store all packaged in a beautiful box to ensure it would be a treasured keepsake.The Glamour Galore line  is just one of many collections that I aspire to create in the future.
Though created for the wine/bubbly lover we have found that many people add in liquor as well as non alcoholic beverages (essentially any round shaped bottle) making the opportunities for their use truly timeless and ageless. The customization options are limitless. One can embroider the ribbons, the gift holder, or even have labels made for the footer of the box to commemorate any occasion or event!"
Corky Kouture
Corky Kouture is featured on, the Women Inventors Network! Learn more about these fashionable and fun gift bags and owner Lisa Riedel onWomentorz (or, check out an entire gallery of pictures displaying different functions/methods to use your Corky Kouture gift bag! 

Buy It! Corky Kouture gift bags are currently available in four different colors: black, white, pink, and red. Purchase your own Corky Kouture gift bag at Each bag is only $34.99! You can also learn a lot more about Corky Kouture on the official blog Be sure to "Like" Corky Kouture’s Facebook page and follow on Twitter also!
12 Days of Gifts Galore
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  1. What a great review! I love the entire idea and concept of these gorgeous bags. I was thinking how great they would be for gifting bubble bath for a tweeny girl, then she can use it as a small purse afterward. :)

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  4. This is great review. I first read over Wine Club Gift and now i find this blog. It's surely amazing.

  5. Awesome review!!! LOVE THIS!! These bags would be amazing for my daughters... and for our awesome wine collection! ;-D


  6. Thanks for sharing my review!

    I am posting a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive one of these beauties @ - The direct link will be @ (but it won't open until 9AM on November 25th!).

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