Friday, November 11, 2011

Corporate Gifting Idea and more –

Tis’ the season for many corporations to start gifting employees and clients for their dedication throughout the year.  I have a cabinet full of company coffee cups, a drawer full of ink pens (although some are rather nice) and various other miscellaneous office trinkets that I have received through the years as corporate gifts.
  Although the thought is always nice (as well as those bonus checks) I often wondered if all corporations shopped at the same location.  In a search for great personalized compliments to go with the Corky Kouture gift bags (also a great corporate gift by the way) I came across Custom Beverages.  Custom Beverages is a supplier of custom beverages specializing in incorporating your business logo onto beverage bottles enabling you to broaden your logo influence. 

CustomBeverages is your one stop shopping for custom labeled wine and various other beverages.  Their services include etching, screen printing, labeling and painting beverages, glass bottles and beverage accessories. Their personalized services allows individuals, corporations, wineries, restaurants, etc the ability to create unique bottled gifts for any use or occasion.  They make the perfect gift for corporate functions, trade shows, special events, fund raisers, food service, weddings, grand openings and much more!

Ordering from Custom Beverages is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 
1.     Select your wine or beverage.
2.     Select your label.  You can choose oen from their hundreds of pre designed templates or let their design team help you create your very own!
3.      Personalize your label by adding your own message, image or LOGO!!     
That’s it!  Like I said, as easy as 1, 2, 3! representative told us Usually on the front end of that we send a product sample to taste and see our work, as well as a price quote for their specific quantity.  Every client is drastically different.   Some of our clients are listed at the bottom of pages on our website with links to their sites.  Yet as straight forward as it sounds, people have a tendency to go back and forth over the artwork part.  We work with those clients to make sure the end product is exactly what they imaged. 
I asked the Custom Beverages representative why she felt person should choose their venue over any other… she replied "I believe our competitive advantage is 'service'.  We take our time with clients and try to put ourselves in their shoes.  Although sales are important to us, we do not believe every client encounter must result in a sale, although that would be nice too!  Our sales approach is consultative, rather than transactional.  By that I mean because we are former Wall Street leadership development consultants, we believe in educating the client where we can about ways to, not just personalize a bottle, but to see beverage customization as a tool  to leverage the power of their brand, whether it is a personal or corporate brand. Example: one of our clients’ that is over 150 years seasoned business and a major national brand, wanted root beer soda that would reflect their history and what their brand means.  They had the internal corporate ability to produce all their artwork, yet all they sent us to put on the label was their logo.  Our view was oh no.  We said to them: ‘everyone in the world knows your company for one thing, why not put that on the label'.  They saw our suggestion and said “Yes, let’s go with this.”  Although that sounds simple sometimes it just takes outside eyes to see brand power.”   

Another question I had for CB representative was… ‘I see where people can order mass product for businesses, fund raisers, etc… but what about if someone just wanted a singular customized bottle as a gift or whatnot.. ?  Do you offer that?’  The CB representative told us No not really.  We do mainly volume orders.  The other thing is that in the beverage and glass business all manufacturer pricing is based on quantity.  So we're kind of forced to work with volume orders.  Sometimes we'll make exception though.  Like Levi's Jeans orders thousands of root beer soda, but this little old lady wanted only 3 cases of cider for her daughter's wedding.  The problem is when doing only three cases, by the time we pull the cider from the warehouse, make the film to print, print it a temperatures of 1200+degrees on glass, then ship it becomes a really expensive bottle of cider if just ordering 3 cases. 

In closing, has a new program for both wine shops and small business/individuals. (See Wine Shop recruitment flier above)   They are still ironing out some of the kinks due to the legalities with wine in the United States but looks very promising for those looking to increase their revenue.  


  1. deal hunting diva sent me. I like corky Kouture because the items are so cute and unique and different love the colors they come in. Simply Love it

  2. midgetmomma sent me from facebook, I like these Corky Couture items and would totally give one to my sister for Christmas!! She is a wine afficienado and would absolutely LOVE the pink or black one!!! They are so different from the usual boring wine bags!! What a great idea, keep it up!

  3. Hi Patty and Amanda! Can I get you both to leave a comment on the the give away blog here:

    Thank you and so happy to hear you Love the bags!!! :-) xoxo!

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