Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Holiday Dinner Party ~ Ho! Ho! Ho!!

No matter how much we want to pretend that the holidays are NOT just around the corner, they are.  Are you one of those shoppers that have your gifts wrapped up months before Christmas?  I’m not.  Unfortunately I am still shopping; often times even on the night before Santa makes his grand appearance.  I wish I could be one of those that have everything done weeks in advance but there always seems to be unexpected events or people that show up on my list that keeps me going till the very last moments.

How many of you get invited to numerous holiday parties during the season?  It seems without a doubt that if we have one event to go to, we have 50 and every year it seems to increase.  So one thing I am always prepared for is the holiday parties.  I try to always keep on hand various wines and liquors that I know for a fact fit nicely into the Glamour Galore Collection presentation bags.  I am finding more and more every year that fit and will continue to add to this list as new ones come to my attention. 

Here is the current list I know for a fact fit perfectly into the Glamour Galore bags: 
Fleischmann’s Vodka (Flavored too)

(In an upcoming blog I will be demonstrating how to use the bag with various other wines and liquors to give you suggestions on how to make almost any kind fit securely for the utmost perfect presentation possible.)

Depending on the holiday party I am attending will determine just what wine/liquor/sparkling water/juice/bubble bath/etc. I will drop into the sleeve and what I will slip into the gift pouch as an extra surprise bonus gift. Sometimes it will be a gift card, other times it will be a certain trinket that reminds me of the host.  It varies tremendously from each event, but I always seem to find something that fits each person’s personality.  It is a fun challenge but one I always seem to be up to!  J          

If you have gifted or received a Corky Kouture™ Glamour Galore presentation bag, we would love to hear from you what you put in yours so we can add it to our list!  

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