Saturday, October 8, 2011

Corky Kouture™ meets Glam Partyz

One thing everyone knows about the Corky Kouture™ bottle gift presentation bags is that they make a statement and well, they are absolutely glamorous.  So of course it makes perfect sense that they would make a perfect accent to any glamorous party!  And that is exactly what they are doing! 

GlamPartyz is a home-based business where party planners arrange spa-style parties for women to enjoy. Every party is different. They range from the very formal to the completely casual. Each of the GlamPartyz events has a distinct party theme. Now Corky Kouture™ gift bags will be incorporated into that theme.

GlamPartyz are also all about giving back to the community as a large.  This is yet another common denominator with Corky Kouture™.  A portion of all GlamPartyz proceeds go to – an organization who efforts are to ensure no child goes without shoes.      

The brilliant thing about GlamPartyz is that participants can attend a party and enjoy themselves. They do not have to worry about getting a sales pitch or buying any products and GlamPatyz comes bearing gifts for all of champagne, strawberries and more.

Typically, if one was to attempt to host a party of the GlamPartyz magnitude with the various service providers, one would look at spending at average of $300.00 to $500.00 per guest invited.  With GlamPartyz, the average cost per guest is $25.00 to $50.00!    

The hostess can choose to foot the entire bill for their guest or do a girl’s retreat where each contribute to part of the cost.  Where else could a girl go to get a day of pampering, nails, facials, pedicure, etc for less then $50.00 and be with a group of their favorite people!   

The GlamPartyz motto is “Live to be Glamorous!” The creator of GlamPartyz, Jessica Crate, a star triathlete and marathoner and an amazing entrepreneur said when asked what sets her parties apart from others was “We take your average event or party and make it a “A” list Hollywood style event!”  Everything about GlamPartyz fits right in with the products, beliefs, and ideas of Corky Kouture™, from taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary, to giving back to the community and that everyone deserves some glamour in their lives. 

To learn how you can host a GlamPartyz visit or you can contact Jessica directly on the GlamPartyz Fanpage or email her at
Make sure you tell Jessica that Corky Kouture™ sent you! 

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