Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spectacular Wedding Attire and More at La-Boutique-de-Lingerie Bridal

La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal is your one stop shop for all things bridal.  If you’re looking for an experienced sales staff that will see to your every need, this is the ideal shop for you.  Valerie Lammon, the owner and operator of   La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal has been in the bridal industry since the age of 12.  She shared with us "My mom opened up a bridal store in Michigan when I was 12; sold it when I was 23. I really had no intention of ever owning a bridal store or a business of any type just because of the work involved; you have to make a lot of sacrifices to make your business successful."  Well, for someone who never really had any intentions on owning a bridal store now not only owns and operates one - but one that is quite successful and offers so much to the brides to be as well as the grooms!  

Lammon earned her Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandise
and opened her store Sept. 2007 as a upscale lingerie and bra fitting store and slowly went back into the bridal business.  (Prior to that can you believe she was flipping land?)  Her father was the driving force behind her re-entering the bridal; world when he told her that selling wedding gowns will pay the bills better so back into the bridal world she went.   To say the least, he was right;  La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal is an amazing success!

When you visit  La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal you will not 
only find the wedding 
dress of your dreams, but you can also find dresses for your entire wedding party.  They also offer professional bra fitting sessions that will ensure you and your bridesmaids look fabulous in your dresses.  In addition to dresses, La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal can see the needs of the men in your wedding party.  They offer tuxedo rentals and accessories that will ensure your wedding day is one that will be remembered.

If you dress should need alterations or if you would like to modify the design, Valerie performs all of the necessary alterations and custom changes.  She prides herself in being able to take the visions of brides and do everything possible in her power to make sure their wedding attire is everything they dreamed of.  Valerie shared "The happiness of the brides I work with is my number one priority! It is what brings the joy and satisfaction into my career choice."

Because La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal is a smaller company, Lammon has the freedom to choose only the latest cutting edge and current designs.  They do not carry out of date or of an inferior quality items.  Valerie believes that every woman deserves to look her best on her wedding day.  

If you’re a bride who is looking for the perfect dress, you should
definitely stop by and see everything that Valerie Lammon at  La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal has to offer.  I promise you won’t be disappointed by her amazing selection of fabulous bridal attire!

Make sure to check her out at her websites here: La Boutique de Lingerie & Bridal and La Boutique de Gowns
and her social media sites here: La Boutique de Lingerie Bridal Inc. and La Boutique de Lingerie 

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