Monday, August 11, 2014

Corky Kouture Hits the Halls of Jefferson Davis Middle School

Corky Kouture has found a way to make it back to the school!  Yep, in all its age and glory Corky is going to be walking the school halls again – and you know Corky knows how to dress for the occasion!

Corky Kouture Glamour Galore Collection is pleased to be part of Jessica Saracino’s back to school incentive project – Classy Lady - in a Title 1 Middle School where 100% of the students are on the free or reduced lunch program.   As the middle school girls start to walk the halls at Jefferson Davis Middle School on August 18 they are going to have a great reason to want to partake in their daily studies and school spirit.  Jefferson Davis Middle School educates students come from low income household.  Many of the students who attend are not invested in school because there is no push for education from home or little support.  Many are from a single parent home.  Those students often find themselves left to their own accord when it comes to their studies and are often times aiding in the care for younger siblings where their homework takes a back seat. 

Jessica Saracino and the founder of Corky Kouture Lisa Riedel came up with this project to encourage students to put effort and pride into their school work.   Jessica shared “We also want to encourage the girls to strive to be classy young women and discourage bad conduct. Unfortunately a lot of girl on girl drama and fighting is a big problem in our school and is a main disciplinary concern.” 

In an effort to encourage our young women to be all that they can be, Lisa will be gifting one student every quarter (nine weeks) a gorgeous Corky Kouture Bottle Gift Bag with a of Sparkling Juice and a Visa gift card for $50.00 to reward the young lady for good behavior both personally and scholastically. 

Jessica teaches a reading class at Jefferson Davis Middle School and will be challenging her female students to meet the following qualifications to be eligible for the grand prize of the Corky Kouture package at the end of each quarter (nine weeks):
1. Maintain academic excellence with A/B honor roll in all classes
2. No referrals within the quarter
3. Show kindness to others (this can be by helping me or helping fellow classmates with various tasks)
4. Showing leadership (helping with a club/sport or taking on a leadership role within the classroom/school)

Jessica will be monitoring eligible students not only within her classroom, but asking their other teachers about their behavior as well. She will then select one girl each quarter that she feels best meets the qualifications and awarding her the prize during class. There will be a mini awards ceremony/celebration in the classroom at the end of each quarter honoring the young lady and encouraging the rest to jump on board for their chance to also receive the reward.

Lisa likes to utilize Corky Kouture to empower, reward, and make others feel good!  The
bags themselves make a person feel special with all their glitz and glam – it’s hard to not smile and be happy when gifted a CK.  When the quarterly winner opens the gift box and pulls their CK out to find their bottle of sparkling juice and then in the CK gift pouch a $50.00 gift card they are sure to be ecstatic.  It is like a gift that just keeps on gifting.  We will continue to update you on how this project progresses and if you feel so inclined to add another incentive to the CK incentive package please contact us via email, Facebook message or leave a comment below and we will happily contact you.  

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