Thursday, December 8, 2011

Customizing your Corky Kouture

There have been several mentions in past blogs about how you can customize your own Corky Kouture bottled gift bag and the Presentation Box that it comes in.  This blog will give you an up close view of how we 
customized the Corky Kouture we gifted Marie Osmond.  

In order to get a general idea of the components we will be discussing, I am giving you pictures of every item of the bag and presentation box that can be easily customized. 

Presentation Box

Footer and Ribbon

Top Flap of Presentation Box
(Picture is dark.. but you get the general idea.. :-)

Corky Kouture Bottled Gift Bag 

Zippered pouch 

Draw Ribbon on top of bag to secure bottled gift. 
(Above the gift pouch and below the feathers)

As you can see, there are many aspects of the Corky Kouture that you can customize to make your gift specific to your recipient to give it the ultimate WOW factor and create an unforgettable sentimental moment. 

When customizing the Corky Korture to present to Marie Osmond, several things were taken into consideration for the inspiration behind each customization.  Marie Osmond recently re-wedded her ex husband.  The date they picked for their union held its own significant meaning - it was the birthday of Marie’s son and mother, both whom are no longer with us.  With that being known, we wanted her gift to be extra sentimental and incorporate her and her husband’s new beginning as well as embrace those who they had lost.  

Starting with the top of the Presentation Box throughout every aspect of this gift, deepest respect was taken with every detail.  

Top flap of Presentation Box customized for Marie Osmond

Footer customized for Marie Osmond

With the Corky Kouture bag, although we did not add any further embellishments to the pouch, however, we did custom create a card that was slipped into the pouch.

Customized Card for Marie Osmond 

Inside of the Corky Kouture, we worked with to create the perfect customized Ariel Bottle for Marie.

Customized bottle done by for Marie Osmond

Presenting Marie Osmond with the total package ~ Priceless!!

Those were customization that anyone can do!  There are so many more ways you can customize a Corky Kouture to make the moment of gifting it priceless.  
Here are some other ways you can customize the CK:

  • You can embroider the ribbons. If you are crafty and have a embroidery machine, you can embroider the ribbon with the recipients Initials, heart, or whatnot. 
  • If you are not so crafty in embroidery, take advantage of sites like and get ribbons done to match the occasion.    

For example.. this holiday ribbon would look awesome on the Presentation Box of a Corky Kouture gift for Christmas!  

Remember, the Corky Kouture is more than just another bottled gift bag.  It is an event in its own ~ a opportunity to create a timeless memory so take full advantage of all the ways you can customize your Corky Kouture to be the creator of that treasured memory.   

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  1. GREAT post!!! Hmmm... The possibilities are endless!! :)


  2. Adorable wine bags! Love the way you took care and consideration in designing the bag for Marie Osmond! I have always been a fan of hers!